The Rescue Society: Educational Research

The Rescue Society is a educational organization that instructs the public on topics for which there are sufficient facts to permit the formation of an independent opinion or conclusion.
These opinions are developed through The Rescue Society's assessment of a “Pertinent Research Best Practices Study of the Varied, Applied Uses of Canines in Diverse Differentiating Applications and Environments”.

Through research, quantifying and qualifying the amalgamation of dogs and people, The Rescue Society seeks to provide canine behavior research studies to educate the public.   Drawing from pertinent research studies, The Rescue Society is focused on developing best practices, higher standards and a better, more comprehensive and evolved understanding of the applicability opportunities and principles for working  and companion dogs. 
K9's have been utilized in many, various, differentiating environments for thousands of years.   Utilizing scientifically driven research data generated by highly educated  and qualified research scientists quantifying and qualifying the science of dogs, and people, and the amalgamation of dogs and people together to demonstrate and prove the extremely significant advantageous role that the human-dog bond supports in the overall health and well being, productivity and stability of the two participants actively involved concomitantly.

The Rescue Society exists to serve, support, applaud and appreciate  immenselyvarious special interests or special needs environments, situations and people.  The Rescue Society is passionate and resolved to make the world a better place by addressing, quantifying and qualifying the amazing and miraculous value that the human-dog bond connection  provides and all the utilitarian values that the human-dog bond possesses and presents, combined in all its forms and functions, which The Rescue Society believes and scientific research is beginning to support, elevates and provides greater potential to the overall plight of the human race for homosapiens and canis lupis, individually and collectively .

What is it like to be a dog?