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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I am trying to raise money to once again start sending out our regular material from over here, in Jerusalem, Israel.


Mail can be still sent to

The Mount Zion Reporter

P.O. Box 568

Jerusalem, Israel.

We no longer have box 10184!

I am currently trying to re-publish “The Bible Home Instructor” It was a book that was very popular that my grandfather made.  It a simple instructor design for anyone to help them better understand the Bible.  There are other reprints and anyone is welcome to make it but I would like to print it just the way he did without changing it at all.  I


On our web sight we currently have a current Bible Lesson for this Quarter as well as our yearly Bible Calendar.


If you have any question you can write to: phaf@zahav.net.il  -- do not use the gmail of this web sight becuase I hardly ever log into it at all!  I do check phaf@zahav.net.il at least once a day and normaly a few times a day.


Kind regards,

Phillip A. Fauth


Grandson of the Late Elder A.N. Dugger

Son of the Late Elder G.M. Fauth