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4 Stars

posted Jul 9, 2010, 3:29 PM by The Mix Calendar
What can you find in Georgetown other than hipsters and contaminated ground soil?  A great music venue and bar in the Mix Lounge.  I saw three great local bands play:  Crown Aruba, Open Choir Fire, and [moans]...all three very different bands, but a great show nonetheless.  Here's what impressed me: the sound!  A smallish venue with big, open walls and the sound was actually quite decent.  The place has a great decor and the bar has PBR tallboys for $2- can't beat that.  Great vibe, good peeps working the door and a nice video montage behind the bands = a great night.  I would definitely make the trip to see a show or even hang out- though it is a little tricky to find the first time around...but, there was parking on the street, which is a plus.