Marketing and Selling Your Band

Here are just a few websites your band should be actively involved with:

Not only for the obvious reason for getting your music for sale on iTunes and, but it's a great company to be involved with and has a lot of tools and resources for bands.

This is a great way to not only gain exposure and possibly win gear, money, chances for opening slots on major tours... but YOU can get to be involved, by voting on new talent... AND get turned on to some amazing new bands at the same time!

Ready to book a pain in the ass tour?  This will take a lot of the "pain" out of it.  This one costs a little, but if you're looking to hit the road... you're going to want to consider this.  Find the venue that fits you, make and track all your contracts, plan your routing and much more.  This is a great online database and contact management software that WILL save you some sanity once the van is loaded and you're out the door!

Yep, they still make them... but also available as a PDF download.  The music biz is definitely a constantly changing animal.  These guys actually keep up with it!  These books and more are available at:

  From music educator Chris Knab, this is an invaluable little companion you should have.

  There are millions of ways to promote on the internet, save time by going straight to the ones that work!