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3 piece band

The band can play in any number of trio formats by combining one or two melody instruments (the clarinet and/or violin) with one or two rhythm section instruments (accordion, bass, tuba, tenor banjo, and percussion).

Here's an accordion-based trio with Eric Levine on violin and Miriam Rosenblum on clarinet, playing Max's Bulgar:

Max's Bulgar

Here's a trio with Miriam Rosenblum on clarinet and our drummer Al Knipe playing a traditional Yiddish poyk drum instead of his full drum set.  The tune is known simply as a Freylach in D minor:

Freylach in D Minor

Here's a trio of clarinet (Meg York), tenor banjo (Eric Roberts), and me on tuba and percussion, shot without a videographer in the basement.  We play a Dave Tarras Bb Bulgar and the Heimisher Bulgar.

Tarras and Heimisher Bulgars