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4 piece band

As a quartet, the band can play all-acoustic, or plugged in.

For simchas like weddings or b'nai mitzvahs, we usually play as a plugged-in quartet of clarinet, violin, drums, and simultaneous tenor banjo, bass and vocals.  We keep our amplification to a minimum when we play plugged in - my preference is to balance everything to the level of the unmic'd clarinet.  There is some video of the band playing in this format on the "Live at a wedding" page - the band switches to this plugged-in format about half way through the video.

The two clips below are audio only from our 2006 demo recording, which provides a good example of how we sound as a plugged-in quartet.  The picture is from the recording session: Eric Levine on violin, Harry Grainger on clarinet, Ben Cohen with the banjo, and Al Knipe on drums - same group that plays on the wedding video.

Disclaimer Intro, Shloymke's Freylakh, Nifty's Freylakh, Der Heyser Bulgar

And here is the same group playing Naftule Brandwein's "Araber Tantz"

Araber Tantz

The band can also play as an acoustic four-piece.  Here we are playing Nifty's Freylachs, with Miriam Rosenblum on clarinet, Eric Levine on violin, Al Knipe on the poyk drum, and accordion.

Nifty's Freylachs