The band

The Klez Dispensers is a traditional klezmer band based in Denver, Colorado led by Ben Cohen.  

The band has been playing since 1995, and as a traditional klezmer ensemble under the name the Klez Dispensers from about 1998.  There is another, better-known New Jersey-based klezmer band of the same name.  Although we came up with the name first, we don't anticipate any trademark issues since we're not a national act - we play mostly around the Denver metro area and Front Range.

For simchas, we usually play as a plugged-in four-piece of clarinet, violin, drum set, and simultaneous tenor banjo, MIDI foot-pedal bass and vocals.  The band can also play as an accordion-based acoustic ensemble.  Melody instruments are clarinet and violin; rhythm section can include any combination of accordion, tenor banjo, bass, tuba and percussion.  Here we are playing as an acoustic trio for a wedding ceremony, Ben Cohen on accordion and foot percussion, Harry Grainger on clarinet, and Eric Levine on violin:
Photo by Lindsay J.C. Lack.  The "Live at a wedding" page has some professional video from this gig by Chicago videographer Lynkzstudios.

Click the links on the side or below for short video samples of the band playing in various sizes and combinations.  As the videos show, the band's line up varies - but always consists of the best klezmer musicians on the Front Range.

For booking information, contact Ben Cohen, blscohen "at", 720-261-6919 (cell).