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Through a John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) form the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Jenne lab has been able to acquired an advanced resonance-scanning confocal and multiphoton dual mode imaging system for the intravital study of infectious disease. This system is built upon the Leica SP8 chassis and features 5 descanned detectors (2 PMT, 3 HyD) that utilize fully tunable prism-based spectral detection system that allows for the simultaneous imaging of multiple fluorophores and dyes. Additionally, this system is equipped with 4 non-descanned detectors (2 PMT, 2 HyD) that allow for optimal multi-photon imaging of deep tissues and structures. Furthermore, this microscope fully supports both inverted and upright imaging modes allowing us to study a wide range of tissues including lung, skin, spleen and liver. The imaging infrastructure is further supported by a complete image and data analysis suite equipped with high-powered workstations and an array of software. What makes this imaging infrastructure truly unique is it’s placement within the University of Calgary Prion-Virology facility. This specially designed biocontainment area allows us to work with, and image, animals infected with clinically relevant, highly pathogenic organisms. This combination of advanced imaging infrastructure and biocontainment create a research environment that is unparalleled allowing us to study a broad array of pathogens and disease models.