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Using intravital microscopy to study oncolytic viral therapies.

Studying the role of Protease Activated Receptors (PARs) in infection-induced coagulation.

Development and intravital imaging of a mouse model of mastitis.

Vaccination and immune responses to HBV In patients with NAFLD.

Intravital imaging of highly pathogenic influenza infections in mice.
Advanced imaging of living human tissues.

Analysis of inflammatory mediators in trauma and abdominal sepsis patients.

Identification of a biomarker panel for pediatric appendicitis.

Imaging sterile inflammation and cellular cytotoxicity in the kidney.

Imaging mouse models of mastitis and digital dermatitis.

Neutrophils, platelets, Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs).

Intravital imaging and in vivo tracking of viral particles and pseudotyped viruses. 

Intravital imaging of virus-induced liver damage.

The role of Tissue Factor and PARs in infection-induced coagulation.

Development of mouse models, whole body imaging of inflammation, and pathogen clearance.