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NAME: Grace Hynes-Galvan

SCHOOL: Cupertino Middle

CLASS: 7th Grade Core

SCHOOL PHONE: 408-245-0303 x243

About The Teacher

This is my 15th year teaching at Cupertino Middle School however, it is my 
24rd  year in the district. Most of my experience 7th grade. I 
really like teaching this age group and enjoy teaching 7th grade 
core (Language Arts and Social Studies). 

Please feel free to contact me at school at (408) 245-0303 ext. 243 or

I look forward to a very successful and fun year with your child. I have 
high expectations for the students, and with your help, we will be able to 
accomplish the goals set forth for this year. Please do not hesitate to call 
or send a message if you have any questions.


							Gracie Hynes-Galvan
Mission For The Class
A top priority in my class is creating a safe learning environment for all 
students.  I understand each child is different with his/her own learning 
style, interests, history, and hopes. I believe all students can learn and 
be successful. I know with all of us working together, teacher/parent/
student, each child will succeed. I hope to recruit your support during the 
year in order to make this a rewarding and successful experience for all.

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