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Tim Ryan '17

Hometown: Thornwood, NY 
Major: Undeclared
Voice Part: Baritone

Even after being in the group for quite some time, Tim is a hard man to read. One day you might find strange pictures of him in costume, ready for what looks like a musical but others you'll see him rowing his heart out for Colby Crew. Tim is Colby's most avid New York Jets fan so it's best to avoid him on Sundays when he can be found crying over a Geno Smith interception or Rex Ryan's latest tattoo. There are only two other things we know for sure about Tim. First, his mother makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. Second, he loves his road trips so if you're reading this bio because the Colby Eight is making an appearance at your school, definitely make sure you take the time to meet Tim.


Down - Jay Sean