Family Homecoming Weekend!

posted Oct 30, 2011, 2:02 PM by The Colby Eight
Wow, time has flown by here on the Hill. Most students have just finished midterms (phew!), and classes seem to be slowing down to a much more agreeable state. It seems that the last few parents on campus have left the Hill and students have now flocked the libraries to catch up on studying from the Family Homecoming/Halloween weekend. On Friday night, we had a 7PM concert and a 9PM concert. All of the a cappella groups on campus get together and put on a show for the parents every year during Family Homecoming Weekend. The audience was great as usual and we had such a wonderful time performing Help! by The Beatles and Kiss The Girl from the Little Mermaid Soundtrack...The Little Mermaid. Big SHOUT OUT to Daniel, our audience volunteer for the Kiss The Girl performances [he kissed the girl!], and to Cecilia and Fritha for being "the girl" for our 7PM and 9PM performances, respectively. All of the groups were on their game that night so the concerts were a huge success! If you have any videos from the concerts, please contact Ismael.