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1. Encouragement

On almost every evening of the week, adults meet in homes all over the TULSA METRO area in groups of 12-16 to build relationships, find encouragement, discover principles from the Word of God for everyday life, and just have fun! It’s real! It’s relational! It’s relevant! It’s for you! Our hope is that every adult attendee at The Church at BattleCreek would get the full experience by participating in one of our 80+ small groups all over the Tulsa Metro and beyond.

Take a deep breath - don’t panic!
You can make it through this. There is help!

Listed below are some ideas on what to do now:

File for unemployment insurance benefits

If you lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Benefits usually last for up to 26 weeks, but with high unemployment benefits may possibly extended.

A more information is provided on a different page in this resource.

Compose yourself

Grieve briefly; embrace your family, friends and faith. Dust yourself off so you can move on with a positive outlook.

Set emotions aside and maintain a calm and professional demeanor with your employer. Seek a positive referral letter as part of your separation. Find out what options and benefits and assistance are available through your former employer.

Get organized. Clear some work space at home and create files to help keep track of your finances, benefits and job hunting materials.

Get Help! Do not go through job loss and the transition of finding new work alone. There are lots of resources - many free to help you cope with unemployment and to help you seek a new job.

* JAM - The Church at Battlecreek Job Assistance Ministry
* Workforce Oklahoma

Watch Your Money! Gather recent bills and receipts and look at your bank accounts to sort out where your money has been going. Keep track of your spending. Several worksheets have been included to help you find out where you are financially.

* Balance Sheet
* Spending Plan
* Creditor List

If your drop in income jeopardizes your ability to keep up with debts, consider contacting your creditors. Consider contacting:

* Crown Ministries at TCABC for a money map - 918-355-3699
* Christian Credit Counseling Service - 918-492-5585

Preserve Your Retirement Savings

Fight the temptation to fund your layoff with your pension or 401(k).

Take care of your health.

Use your job loss as a motivation to establish a healthier lifestyle.

If you lost your medical insurance with your job, see if you can get coverage through your spouse’s employment or Cobra if you have existing health problems.

The State of Oklahoma has Insure Oklahoma that is available to those who are drawing unemployment benefits. Visit www.insureoklahoma.org or call 1-888-365-3742.

Represent yourself

A good place to begin in your job search is to reflect on and articulate what you have already accomplished.

Get ready for job hunting by creating a resume as well as a “personal commercial”, a brief pitch that you could make for yourself if you happen to meet a hiring manager in a networking environment. You have to sell yourself as a job prospect in 2 minutes or less.

* Personal Commercial worksheet is enclosed


The best way to find a job is through personal connections - if not someone you already know, then someone who knows someone you know. Exchange information on job leads and contacts. Circulate yourself as a job prospect and see how you can help others.

* Socialize, Volunteer, Attend events and networking groups
* Get involved!

Connect or Reconnect to God

The benefit of having some time on your hands is doing what we put off doing when things are going on normally. Stop see where you are with God - Start reading your Bible - Start a quite time every morning - praying for your family, your needs and where you need to go from here… God can use this for good in your life.

* Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
* One Year Bible
* How to Have a Quite Time (enclosed)