1. The Eyes of the Realm
2. Passages of Courage
3. Test Your Metal
4. It's A Mystery To Me
5. Don't Tempt Me Fate
6. Sometimes I See A Star
7. A Plan for the Universal Happiness...
8. Dance With Me Tonight
9. Rescue
10. Mirror of Simple Souls


Lyrics: Gould/Drysdale
Music: Gould/Drysdale/Easton/DeClue

Gina Ronat: lead vocals
Michael Gould: guitar
Li’Anne Drysdale: keys
Anthony Saitta: drums
B.J. DeClue: bass

Backing vocals: Gina Ronat
In 1572, a new star appears in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The Greek
Pythian Priestess Hyphesta  sees this as an ominous sign that the world
is about to be turned upside-down. The next morning, the Inquisition arrives
and destroys her Temple, sending her into exile.

Sometimes I see a star
where one shouldn’t be
Sometimes I see a light
where a void should fill the night

And then I have to believe
the words she said to me
“We were meant to be!”

Sometimes the universe like clockwork turns,
each hour and day has been foretold
Sometimes chance is thrown into the gears
and the world we’ve known, its course begins

And then I have to believe
the words she said to me
“We were meant to be!”

Sometimes I see you there, sometimes,
gazing in your crystal sphere
Sometimes, sometimes

Sometimes a drop of water falls in a desert
that’s never been touched by rain before
Sometimes the stars align and the torrents calm
and light divides the day from night

And then I have to believe
the words she said
And then I have to believe
the words she said to me
“We were meant to be!”
“It was meant to be!”
“We were meant to be!”
“This was meant to be!”
“It’s a mystery!”

© 2013 Theatrum Mundi


This song started Theatrum Mundi. In 1991, Michael and Li'Anne formed Theatrum Mundi with Todd Easton. Michael had written the basic structure of the song as an Electric Light Orchestra-type symphonic rock song. When Todd came into the studio and added his guitar, Mike and Li'Anne were blown away. They had never expected what it would sound like to add heavy metal guitars to their music. But Todd was into Queensryche and Malmsteen and that is what came naturally. It changed everything. Based on this, they recorded and album that would today be called symphonic metal called Storm at Sea which saw limited release in the Springfield, MO area. Some instrumental parts were taken directly from the original four-track master tapes and transferred digitally into the new recording, such as the bells, the strings, horns, and the weird swooshy synthesizer in the chorus. Unfortunately, Todd's guitar track was not able to be transferred, as the sound quality just wasn't there, so Michael copied the tone and notes Todd played as closely. After that album, the band lost track of Todd. If you find our original lead guitarist, who inspired the entire guitar sound of our band, please let us know. Seriously.

B.J. wrote that really cool bass riff that sounds exactly like Chris Squire.