1. The Eyes of the Realm
2. Passages of Courage
3. Test Your Metal
4. It's A Mystery To Me
5. Don't Tempt Me Fate
6. Sometimes I See A Star
7. A Plan for the Universal Happiness...
8. Dance With Me Tonight
9. Rescue
10. Mirror of Simple Souls


Lyrics: Gould/Drysdale
Music: Gould/Drysdale/Campbell

Christy Campbell: lead vocals
Michael Gould: guitar
Li’Anne Drysdale: keys
Anthony Saitta: drums
B.J. DeClue: bass

Backing vocals: Christy Campbell, Mandy Shelton, Gina Ronat, Michael Ray Gould.
Viana struggles to reconcile Oswan back into her life.
I feel like I’m sinking
even though I’m standing on the shore
All hope has left me
because the ship seems so far away

My crimes forgiven
My pages washing out to sea
Release me from these irons
With your indulgence set me free

It’s hard to fight the current
when it’s pulling you under
The moon is laughing at me
She keeps pulling away at the tide
Wait! There’s a hand reaching out to me

You have always been with me
through everything that I’ve believed
You have always stayed with me
through all the storms and turbulent seas
So don’t leave me now to drown in my loneliness

I keep my eyes on the stars
though I’d drown in that sea as well
The light from the galleon
is far more powerful to me

It’s hard to be courageous
when the weight of the world
is chained around your feet
But hope comes in many forms
and in you consistently

You have always been with me...

So don’t leave me now...

© 2013 Theatrum Mundi


This song was originally recorded for the 1991 limited-release Storm at Sea. The strings and piano were digitally-transferred from the original four-track master tapes and placed into the current recording.

When the band plays this song live, we do a several-minutes long improvised band jam. This was originally Anthony's idea - he just started playing the drums again one day as the spirit moved him. The rest of the band joined in, and it's been a part of our show ever since.

The lyrics are based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Christy accidentally sang a completely different melody in the chorus than was originally written. What she sang was better, so we kept it. I'm not sure we ever told her.