1. The Eyes of the Realm
2. Passages of Courage
3. Test Your Metal
4. It's A Mystery To Me
5. Don't Tempt Me Fate
6. Sometimes I See A Star
7. A Plan for the Universal Happiness...
8. Dance With Me Tonight
9. Rescue
10. Mirror of Simple Souls


Lyrics: Gould
Music: Drysdale/Gould

Christy Campbell: lead vocals
Jill Singletary: vocals
Michael Gould: guitar
Li’Anne Drysdale: keys, soundscape
Anthony Saitta: drums
B.J. DeClue: bass
Robert J. Noles: acoustic guitar

Backing vocals: Mandy Shelton, Gina Ronat, Robert Noles, Michael Ray Gould.

Members of the Springfield
Chamber Chorus: Mandy Shelton,
Amy Francis, Stacey Luehrs,
Cristopher Brammer, Kelly Garrison, Adam Karnaghon, William Chiles,
Brad Groves.
Edward Kelley sits in his prison cell in Castle Prague and
contemplates his life as a charlatan.

Doubtless the pleasure is great
in both deceiver and rube
The audience feels most delight
that least perceives of the sleight of hand
Some with noise, some with light,
caught like larks by night

We solve the problems of fate
Dark counsel awaits on the moon
None can anticipate the change of his face
You and I foresee
what shall and what shall never be

Mirror of Simple Souls
remove this mask from me, let them see
Mirror of Simple Souls
reveal this face to me, set me free

We address with serenades
and court with balls and masquerades,
secret doors our stock and trade
And if you are impos'd upon,
'tis by your own temptation done,
it’s by invite this sleight of hand....
These tricks we have been vers'd in so,
that all their sly intrigues we know
and can un-riddle every show....
All your lies are known...

But those that meddle with our tools
will cut their fingers, for they are fools

Magic on Strawberry Hill
Your future and fortunes behold
My service bent to your will
By command of your gold...it's sold

Mirror of Simple Souls
remove this mask from me, let them see
Mirror of Simple Souls
reveal this face to me, set me free
Mirror of Simple Souls
remove this mask from me, let them see
Mirror of Simple Souls
reveal this face to me, set me free

 I am free, let them see, it is me!

© 2013 Theatrum Mundi


This song is about the main theme in the story, which is belief, and how belief is manipulated by people for power and money. This can be overt when an audience assembles to watch a magician, or it can be deceitful, when practiced by charlatans such as fortune-tellers, or religious or civic charlatans.

The most prominent charlatan in our story really lived, and was an assistant to the first 007, John Dee, and his name was Edward Kelley. Kelley wasn't his real name. He showed up one day at Dee's study claiming he had found the Philosopher's Stone and could turn lead into gold. He even seemingly proved it, a feat he would perform again in front of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. It was only sleight of hand, though, and eventually Dee and the Emperor leaned of his deceit and Kelley was imprisoned. But not until Kelley had successfully swindled the Dee family for years.

The title is from a book written by Marguerite Poret, a rebel Christan mystic who was tried and burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

A warning to listeners: we have a thing for evil circus music. And circuses/fairs have been around for hundreds of years. Any album without evil circus music is a wasted opportunity.

Hardcore fans of Parliament of Fooles by Ribber Universe, which was also written, performed, and recorded by the core creative team from Theatrum Mundi, will discover many Easter eggs in this song.

The music of this song is in part an experiment. The instruments in the chorus are only those found in a symphonic orchestra, and are juxtaposed with a heavy metal guitar solo section. We wanted to see if we could segue from one to another without noticeable difference.