Produced by Michael Ray Gould & Li’Anne Drysdale
Co-Produced & Mixed by Jim Brooks
Engineered by Michael Ray Gould & Jim Brooks
Mastered  by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Audio
Associate Producers: Gina Ronat, Tom Saitta, Gaye Saitta, Lynn Shaffer, Chris Shaffer, .Charlie Iglio, Fran Iglio
Michael Ray Gould: guitar, lead vocals on tracks 2 and 8, programming.
Li’Anne Drysdale: keys, sound collages, Chinese bells, percussion.
Christy Campbell: lead vocals on tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10
Gina Ronat: lead vocals on tracks 2, 4, 6, 8
Anthony Saitta: drums
B.J. DeClue: bass
Robert J. Noles: acoustic guitar, vocals.
Christopher Brammer: lead vocals as the Grand Inquisitor on “A Plan for the Universal Happiness of Man”
Mandy Shelton: vocals, backing vocals, choir contractor
Jill “Ace” Singletary: vocals
Eric Strothers: lead guitar on “Passages of Courage” and “Test Your Metal”
Todd Easton & Woody Harriss: additional songwriting

Members of the Springfield Chamber Chorus:.Mandy Shelton, Amy Francis, Stacey Luehrs, Cristopher Brammer, Kelly Garrison, Adam Karnaghon, William Chiles, Brad Groves.

Backing vocals arranged and sung by Gina Ronat, Robert J. Noles, Mandy Shelton, Christy Campbell, Jill “Ace” Singletary, Robert J. Noles, Michael Gould, David Ronat, members of Springfield Chamber Chorus

Art Direction & Illustrations: Li’Anne Drysdale
Package Design by Michael Ray Gould
Package Editor: Audrey McCord Webb
Photography by Brad McConnell
Costume Design by Conya Thompson & Haley Bertrand

Theatrical Consultant: Jon Herbert
Musical Consultant: Elizabeth L. Wollman

Based on the novel The Eyes of the Realm by Michael Ray Gould  & Li’Anne Drysdale