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When do you leave for field trip?

We leave for field trips as early as 9 AM. 

What is the earliest I can drop my child off in the morning?

                The earliest you can drop off your child is 6:45 AM.

What time can I pick my child up in the afternoon?

Full day camps return by 3 PM.  After school children get back to Noah’s Ark is listed on our Transportation page.

What’s the latest I can pick my child up in the afternoon?

We close at 6 PM.  Late fee is in the Noah’s Ark Handbook.

Is early release included in my after school payment?

                It can be. 

Do you accept credit cards?

                Yes, but you must contact us for payments to be made with a credit card.  We pass the additional credit card fee to you.

Can my child bring extra money?

No your child does not need extra money, everything your child needs is provided (other than snacks that should be brought from home).

Do I need to bring money for snacks?

No, you should send your child to summer camp or track-out with 2 snacks and 2 drinks (preferably water).

Do you take field trips?

                Yes, all track-out and summer camp kids will be taken out to lunch and to an activity every day.

Where do you go on field trips?

                Please see our Summer Camp page.

Do I need to pack lunch?

                No, all summer camps and track out kids are taken to lunch as part of the field trip.

Can I wear flip flops and a mini-skirt?

No flip flops or open toed shoes,  we are VERY active and have you ever had a pulled toe nail.  We are very conservative because we care about sunburn and how your children look in public.  Shorts and skirts must come to the child's finger tips when their arms are down, tank top straps must be at least three adult fingers wide, no midriffs showing.

Can my child bring their phone? IPod? Toys from home?

NO! We do not allow electronics or toys from home. If they have them at school, they must be put it away in their book bag while they are here.