Weather Policy

We post what we are doing when there is bad weather on our home page and on and WRAL TV channel 5
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Sign up for Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) emergency alerts (closings/delays/other) at

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Noah's Ark Weather Policy

Noah's Ark does not want to second-guess your child's safety. If we feel the road conditions will create a hazard, we will close.

Rules to follow to make sure your child is safe:
  1. If WCPSS announces they are closing early due to weather, we will make a decision to close early. If we close early, you are required to pick up your child early. If the school system closes one hour early, we will close one hour early. If you pick your child up late, you will pay a late pickup fee of $10 and an additional $1 for every minute.
  2. If WCPSS announces they are closing early due to weather and we make the decision to close due to road conditions, you will need to pick your child up at their school at the time required by WCPSS.
  3. For trackout and summer camp children, we will return to the Church as soon as possible and your child will need to be picked up early.
  4. All our information will be on our home page and and TV

How do you know if Noah's Ark is closing or if we have a delay?

  1. We are listing our closures and delays on WRALTV's website
  2. We will be updating this web page

We know our policy will sometimes inconvenience you and your schedule. However, this is for the safety of your child, and we will make our decisions based on the worst-case scenario. Please accept our apology if we inconvenience you.