Summer Camp and 2019/2020 School Year


Noah’s Ark continues to give families a better value for their money.  We reinvest/spend, an average of 33% more on your children than any other camp.  Do you want a camp that profits off your children or reinvests in your children?  Make the simple decision to invest in your children.


Membership  – Annual membership fee, $75 per child, is required and due at time of registration.  Membership period is the school calendar period, July 1 to June 30.  The membership fee does not apply to any service. 

Before School           $ 95.00/month       We serve elementary school for before school only, with the exception of Peak Charter.  Middle Schools and Peak Charter are after school only.


After School 

 After School programs - Includes pick up from school and afternoon care until 6 PM. Early pickup is included if WCPSS closes are we are remaining open after the pick-up time for that day. Please be aware that if WCPSS does close early, we may also close early. You can find weather related updates on our website or After school prices do not include teacher workdays/Holidays, early release (other than weather related), weather closings, snow days, or lunch if schools close before serving lunch.

Traditional calendar schools - 177 days

August 2019 $55 (4 days)   Sept-May $225 (9 months) June $110 (10 Days)          $2,190 annually

To compute annual cost for tuition take the monthly and multiply it by 9 and add the two short months.  Example: (9 x 225) $2,025 + August $55 + June $110 = 2,190

Year Round calendar schools - 177 days

July 2019 through June 2020                             $185/month $2,220 annually      

Please be aware the year round plan is an annual tuition paid monthly. It is like an installment contract that is paid monthly instead of the actual time your child is in attendance.  This allows you to pay a reduced amount every month instead of paying in 9 months or having 12 different prices based on the daily monthly attendance.

Peak Charter After School - Includes Early Release Pick-Up and Lunch

August 2019 $55 Sept-May $235/month June $110 $2,280 annually

Early Release Pick-Up (Peak Charter Only) - $35/event


Full Day Camps – Field trips and lunch out

Track Out Camp

Noah’s Ark (Elementary School Students) includes lunch and activity                            $ 200.00/week

Intermission (Middle School Students) includes adult size lunch and activity                   $ 220.00/week

Summer Camp 

Noah's Ark (Elementary School Students) include lunch and activity                                $ 200.00/week

Intermission (Middle School Students) includes lunch and activity                                    $ 220.00/week

Any unneeded weeks must be cancelled at least two weeks prior to the Monday of the week that you wish to 

cancel, or you will be charged for the full week. You can cancel online using the 'Reservations' tab.

Teacher Work Days          Noah’s Ark (Elementary School Students)                        $   60.00/day

& Holidays                          Intermission (Middle School Students)                               $   65.00/day

Partial weeks of track out of summer camp

Below is the cost for tuition for during the year and outside of the summer camp dates.  The first cost on the line is for elementary children and the second cost is for Intermission, middle school children.  Middle school children order from the adult menu.


*One day of camp      -   $60 and $65          

Two days of camp    -  $120 and $130  Only used when school system has 2 days off

*Three days of camp -   $160 and $175     

Four days of camp   -    $180 and $200  Only used when school system has 4 days off

*We now offer track-out at a 1, 3 or 5 day rate EXCEPT FOR during summer camp, first week of June to the last week of August. To receive the partial week rate, you must pre-register using the reservations page and specify which days you need in the 'notes' section. We do not offer these rates during summer camp weeks. During this time, these rates will only be given if you track in or out mid-week or if we are closed part of the week.

Emergency Before or After School Drop off or Pickup    $20 per event.  Call for details and pricing.  Please give one-day notice.  Children must be a member with current application and attend a school we serve.