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Who we are...
The Adventure Group (TAG) India, is a Bangalore based community for adventure enthusiasts. Our endeavour is to inculcate the habit of spending time with nature among city dwellers who more or less have lost complete connection with nature. At the same time we would like to be the conduit through which nature lovers and adventure seekers satiate their thirst for excitement and harmony.

"Safety with Quality is our motto"

We welcome you to join the group and embark on a unique journey of discovery, fun, adventure and begin new friendship with group members and of course our environment. You are encouraged to actively participate in all events and contribute to the group contents. Your participation and feedback will improve the overall experience of the group.

A Little About What We Do
The experienced team of TAG India's Bangalore Chapter organizes outdoor events including trekking, back packing, camping, Jungle safari, White Water Rafting, Rock climbing, Skiing, Para sailing, Para gliding, Scuba Diving etc.

We participate in nature conservation activities by working with forest departments, engaging the help of NGO and other non profit organizations to do our part to conserve mother nature.
We also conduct corporate leadership and outbound training programs via adventure events.

If you have any questions, call us at +91-988 616 2404 or check out our Contact page or send us an email.


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