Codes and Ciphers

The 39 clues that the books were named for are a series of secret codes and ciphers written by various Cahills over the years. Throughout history, codes and ciphers have been used by spies, pirates, the military and other people who really need to keep a secret in order to send private messages to others.

Codes, Ciphers and Secret Messages

This website has a lot of games and activities based on codes, ciphers and secret messages.

Cryptology for Kids

Codes and ciphers are forms of secret communication. The science that studies these secret messages is called cryptology. This website contains information and activities on the subject of cryptology.

The National Security Agency (NSA) even has a website on code breaking for kids!

The International Spy Museum

Pirate Codes

The International Spy Museum, located in Washington D.C., is an amazing place to visit and learn about spying and spycraft. Their website also has spy-worthy games that you can play for free!

Pirates are notorious for using codes and ciphers to conceal and locate their hidden treasures. Many of the treasures hidden by pirates long ago still haven't been found today! There are lots of people out there still searching.

The Runic Alphabet

Here are some books on codes and ciphers that you can find in the library:

From the ingenious ciphers of Italian princes to the spy books of the Civil War, codes and code breaking have played important roles throughout history. Even today, the advanced techniques of the CIA keep code makers and breakers busy. This exciting book talks about many of history's codes and the people responsible for them. Also inside are codes and ciphers for you to crack! EBook only.

Rumor: King Louis XIV only took three baths in his life. True or False? Did Mary Queen of Scots really try to steal her cousin's crown? As it says on the cover, this book will test your royal wits as you crack codes, solve mysteries and deduce which royal rumors are true.

This book was copublished by the International Spy Museum and tells of the mysterious history of spies and espionage. It is filled with pictures, codes, gadgets and a guide to key terms.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f349$002fSD_ILS:349454/one?qu=title%3D%22messages+in+code%22&te=ILS&lm=STCHARLES_LIMIT&dt=list
Messages in Code
by Janet Weller
Inside this book you'll find every code from Morse code to the genetic code. It will tell you all about written codes, sound codes, and more. There's even a collection of useful words at the end!
This handbook is a guide to everything codes, code making and code breaking. It describes different types of codes and ciphers, discusses  concealment techniques and includes brief stories about exciting moments in the history of the art. Filled with puzzles for you to decipher, it is an interesting and entertaining book.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f878$002fSD_ILS:878412/one?qu=title%3D%22Cool+Spy+Supplies.%22&te=ILS&lm=STCHARLES_LIMIT&dt=list
Cool Spy Supplies: Fun Top Secret Science Projects
by Esther Beck

Use science to make your own spy kit! With simple supplies you can do things like building a periscope and making yor own invisible ink. Spy on your siblings and your friends!

This fascinating book gives a closer look at the Navajo Indians who helped the United States win WWII. It includes a chart listing code words for the letters of the alphabet and cleverly improvised military terms, such as "chicken hawk" for dive bomber and "eggs" for bombs.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f1096$002fSD_ILS:1096029/one?qu=title%3D%22speaking+secret+codes%22&te=ILS&lm=STCHARLES_LIMIT&dt=list
Speaking Secret Codes
by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Not all codes are written on scraps of paper. This book of codes is all about language codes. It describes how spoken codes were used throughout history, and details some of the more famous spoken codes like Cockney Rhyming Slang.