Who We Are

Thamesview United Church,
located in Fullarton, Ontario, just south of Stratford.  
The church building was constructed in 1908, and was originally the Fullarton Methodist Church.   
In 1925 the Fullarton congregation voted to become part of the newly formed United Church of Canada, On July 1, 1968, the Bethel, Carlingford and Fullarton congregations consolidated to form Thamesview United Church, and to meet in the church building in Fullarton.  The name Thamesview was given because the building overlooks the Thames River Valley.  The church continued to thrive, and presently houses an active, caring, faith community. 
Our Mission Statement:
To worship God through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.  By listening to the call of the Holy Spirit we will
 - love all within our fellowship
    - work together as a congregational family with a spirit of openness, caring and commitment
        - respond through active Christian service to the needs of the people of our church, community & world.
Minister:  Reverend Nancy Knowles
Director of Music:  Rod Culham
Office Administrator:  Carolyn Clark
Treasurer:  Bill MacDougald
Christian Education Coordinator:  Carolyn Clark
Custodian: Brenda Smith 
Grounds Keeper: Calvin McCorkindale
Snow Removal: Jamie Pearn
Committees Chairs:
Chair of Church Council:  Leroy Skinner
Vice Chair:  Donna Melanson
Council Secretary:  Jean Stevenson
Pastoral Ministry: 
    Visitation : Carolyn Harris
    Membership : Julie Morris
    Worship : Laurel Laughton / Kim Ahrens
Outreach: Linda Found / Carolyn Harris
Stewardship & Finance:  Dave Williams
Christian Education: Sandy Schout
Ministry & Personnel:  Phil Meadows
Building & Maintenance:  Tom Miller
Presbytery Representative:  Mary and/or John McIntosh
Examiners:  Jim Laughton, Bruce Norris
Trustees:  John McIntosh

Camp Bimini Board:  Donna Melanson, John McIntosh, Janice Bertens
UCW Recording Secretary: Barb Jefferson
Men's Ministries: Bob Hutson, Paul Knowles and Reg Reed
Foodgrains:  Bob Hutson and Bob Harris

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