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Making a Prayer Basket  Posted Mary 21/2020

Last week’s craft reminded children that they could talk to God at any time.  And I want us to keep reminding our children that prayer is simply talking – asking God for what we need, and thanking God for what we have.  A prayer basket is a way for children to remember this.  What they want to pray for can be written down and put into the basket. Then, with a family member they can read one of their prayer requests daily and pray together, or just talk to God alone.  

Craft Supplies:

  Kleenex box

  Tissue paper

  Construction Paper

  Scissors

  Glue

  Markers

  Small pencil

  String

  White paper

  Hole punch 

Step #1:  Cut the top of the Kleenex box off (the side with the hole in it. Wrap your Kleenex box with tissue paper, and glue it in place.

Step #2: Using the construction paper and markers, decorate the box on all sides, inside too if you want.

Step #3: Cut a one-inch strip from a piece of construction paper. Glue this as a handle on the top of the box.

Step #4: Punch a hole in one side of the box. Feed the string through and tie it. At the other end of the string tie the pencil.

Step #5: Cut some of the white paper into small square – big enough for their prayers. Place these beside or inside the prayer basket.

Prayers might include praying for parents or grandparents, for siblings and friends, or for their school teacher and neighbours.  Prayers might be about their concern over the pandemic, or remembering their fun times at home.  Encourage children to write down what they are thankful for, as well as for what they need. 

Other ideas for the basket include filling it with daily suggestions to be helpful or kind, or names of people who might need a phone call or email.  Pick one a day!

Here's an  idea for children, adults, families and friends (from their own homes) might want to try.  It's a Covid-19 Time Capsule.  This is a unique time in history, and recording how we lived and felt during this time is something that should be documented for the future. So there's a complete Covid-19 Time Capsule Workbook attached to this page.  It's not hard to fact, it's a lot of fun.  

With thanks to Karen Skinner, our children's activity is a Colouring/Activity book to help children learn about the Coronavirus.  It's important that children understand what's going on, because not knowing is so much more frightening. Please see the attachment below

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