3D Graphics

Create3D: Create3d.zip (Started 1990. V1.18 July 7th, 2022)


Create3d is a tool to create simple models and animate them. It also allows models created using other tools to be imported. Create3d can import models in Wavefront format (.obj), 3D studio format (.3ds) and Truespace format (.cob). Once a model has been incorporated and animated in Create3d it can be saved out as source or as a binary model that can be incorporated into a stand-alone application or demo. The animations can be saved as MPEG movies, animated GIFs or sequences of jpg, bmp or ppm files.

May 2022: Added Save As Wireframe source for use with 1 bit displays like an OLED 128x64 device. Also, for driving 16 bit 320x240 TFT displays. I drive it with a Raspberry Pi Pico

Some sample animated GIFs produced with create3d: