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The FTCTECNETWORK.org website, corresponding Google Community and Hangouts are for general information and educational use only. 

All visitors to this site and subsequent listing teams may not in whole or in part, modify, copy, reproduce, publish or license information from, transfer or sell information found on this site or through this site’s Google Community and/or Hangout.  

The ideas expressed through our Google Community and/or Hangouts may or may not be necessarily the view of the RoboSpartans 4082 or the FIRST® organization.

No permission is granted to record Hangouts.

The team and affiliated teams will make every attempt to update information in a timely manner.

Visitors who abuse the site, Google Community, and/or Hangout system will be removed.

All participants must be listed members and/or listed coaches of teams currently registered with FIRST® as a FIRST® Tech Challenge Team. 

We reserve the right to remove anyone for abusive behavior, language or misuse of Hangouts.   We reserve the right to remove or have users removed who misrepresent a team.  

We reserve the right to deny a team application and/or remove entries if we do not feel we are given correct information .

We reserve the right to remove any entry, applicant or approved team if we determine that the information may not be from a team currently registered as a FIRST Tech Challenge Team and listed as such on USFIRST.org. 

We reserve the right to remove participants who in any way violate applicable law, introduce discussion not relating to robotics and/or robotics team activities, or that may be construed as harmful to other teams. 

We also reserve the right to restrict access to teams that do not fill out information completely and truthfully.

This site, corresponding Google Community and Hangouts are not officially affiliated with FIRST® or FIRST® Tech Challenge.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms without notice.

The concept of FTC Team Networking was developed starting in May 2014 by the RoboSpartans 4082 and affiliated teams for release on or around August 1, 2014 based on earlier beta testing of TEC-1500, a documented 2013-2014 team project.  The FTC TEC Network is documented through an Operational Plan.  This plan is available for tournament judging purposes and any subsequent interest expressed by the FIRST® organization and/or partnering companies.