Joining the FTC TEC Network Google Community is Easy!

Our Network of FIRST Tech Challenge teams was created using Google products. We appreciate Google's support of FIRST! Using Google allows us access to multiple free programs that are easy to use, including postings and hangouts that are set up in a private Google Community.

If you do not have a Gmail Account, click here to set one up.


If you are a coach or student using an account in your own name, please do at least one of the following to help others identify your team affiliation: use a team logo as your photo or use your team name &/or number as a nickname. An alternative is to create a new team gmail account. Please do not try to join the Community ONLY by requesting through Google+. We try to ignore those requests in order to verify members and keep the Network exclusively for FTC teams.

Please fill out some basic information on the form BELOW to let us know who you are and how to reach you! 

Team Information
  •   Information submitted is used only for our records.
  •   Information submitted is not public - Only TEC members have access.
  •   We use the form validate that you are an FTC Team - we are a closed community.
  •   Used as a resource when teams would like information or want to give assistance on a particular topic.
  •   Be sure to update the information in the Team Directory as the season progresses!  
    • You may find teams seeking you out based on your listed area of expertise.
    • Listing what you'd like more information on will alert us to have hangouts specific to your interests.  

We welcome teams to host hangouts and contribute new ideas! Contact us:

If you need more than one account to access the network - please contact us to arrange.

Please allow 24-48 hours for an administrator to contact you with a member confirmation. 

Your patience is appreciated as we grow! 

Team Registration

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