e-NABLE Helping Hands Event 2016

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The FTC Tec Network is partnering with e-NABLE and Students at SUNY Polytechnic Institute to bring FTC Teams the opportunity to help make lives better (and get some outreach in the process). We would like to offer two opportunities to teams:

1) 1 on 1 printing: The first opportunity we would like to offer is to have teams connect with a recipient.
Teams who signed up for this option would be matched with a recipient in one of three ways. Teams would either: Recommend a local recipient; Be matched with a local recipient; Or Be matched with a recipient who is not local to them. Our goal in this case would be to match teams with the closest possible recipient to give teams the opportunity for in person meet ups. Teams would get in contact with their recipient and work with them to get the measurements needed to print a custom hand.

2) Printing for e-NABLE's "stash": e-NABLE has a "Stash" of hands which they distribute to recipients. Teams would not necessarily know who would be receiving their hands in this case; But this path would be easier since the hands would not need to be custom sized.

All hands would be sent to students at 
SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, New York to be inspected, assembled, and approved for distribution. If a team signs up to print for a recipient, the hands will be shipped back to the team so they can then present the hand to their recipient. Otherwise, the hand will be shipped to a non-local recipient, or to e-NABLE's stash.

Interested?  Fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly.

Questions?  Email:  FTCTECNetwork@gmail.com 

TEC Network e-NABLE Event Participant Information

Put your 3D Printer to work helping others while perfecting your printing skills! 

Raptor Reloaded - approved model


In the Summer of 2015, the RoboSpartans joined e-NABLE, a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D Printing to give the World “helping hands”.  The great people they met during the National Maker Faire gave the team a new mission that they were eager to take on.   The team joined e-NABLE and had their first prototype hand approved by the fall.   The RoboSpartans began sharing e-NABLE with other teams but realized that most teams were way too busy during the robot build season to go through the full process of getting approved, creating 3D parts, purchasing additional assembly supplies and assembling hands.  With the RoboSpartans’ Coach teaching a Production & Operations Management class at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, they thought it would be a great fit to bring teams in the FTC TEC Network and his college students together to work on a global outreach project.   

 Let's grow e-NABLE with our FIRST friends!