Team 6955 RoBoVines

RoBoVines is a third year FTC team based in Saratoga County New York. The RoBoVines have been to the East Super-Regionals for the past 3 years and are very active in their local 4-H community. As an administrative team we hope to help grow the network and the FIRST community as a whole.

Team 6510 CyberSharks

The CyberSharks are co-founders of the TEC Network. We're from a small coastal town in Texas called Palacios, but we've had the privilege of competing at the World Championship twice in our four years as a team. Our goal is to make every year better than the last and make it World once again, and help other teams along the way.

Team 5937 Renaissance Robotics

Renaissance Robotics is a homeschooled team based out of Apopka, Florida. Renaissance has been to the Florida State Championship for the past four years, and the South Super-Regional for the past three years. As an administrative team on the TEC Network, we hope to see the network expand, and see teams connect, share information, and find great opportunities for outreach.

Team 3595 Schrödinger's Hat
Schrödinger's Hat is a fifth year FIRST Tech Challenge team based out of Alexandria, Virginia. We have competed at the World Championship for the last three years. In 2015 we were honored to receive the Inspire Award at the World Championship! Since then, we have shifted our focus even more towards collaborating with the FIRST community. We have been a part of the Network for over two years, and have been pleased to watch it become what it is today!  We look forward to seeing it continue to grow in the coming seasons!

Team 7300 Guzzoline Robotics
Guzzoline is a FIRST Tech Challenge team based in Asheville, North Carolina. We have been to the World Championships the past two years. We love to be involved with as many of the happenings in the FTC world as possible. Growing this network is very important to us and we hope to do as much as possible!