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How do I join the TEC Network?

All you have to do to join the network is fill out a form under the "Join the Network" tab with your team name, number, and email. This information will only be shown to teams within the Network via the team directory. After you fill out the form, request to join the Google community with the team email you used in the form. You will then be accepted. 

Note: You will need a gmail account and active Google+ account to access the Network. However, if your primary team email is something other than gmail, that is the email that will be displayed in the team directory.

What if my team doesn't have a team email?

We highly encourage that you create an email specifically for your team. However, it is acceptable for you to sign your team up using a personal account as long as you are okay with your personal email being displayed in the team directory. This would also mean that you could be contacted by other teams on your personal email seeking help for a certain topic. 

What if my team has already joined, but I want to join using my personal account?

You can do this! If your team is already signed up, your team's email is the email we will use for team contact. However, if you also want to join using a personal account, you can contact us at, and tell us the name of your personal account, and what team you are with, and we will accept you into the Network. If you do join using a personal email, we ask that you help identify what team you are with by changing your profile picture to your team's logo, or adding your team name or number as a nickname on your account.