We're a Google Community for FTC Team Networking!

FTC  -  FIRST Tech Challenge

TEC  -  Team Engineering Collaborative 

NETWORK  -  Teams staying in touch, sharing ideas and knowledge, and creating Worldwide friendships and alliances!

COMMUNITY -  Established through a series of hub teams with a commitment to helping others Worldwide & living the FTC Core Values!  Looking for an inspirational team to emulate?   You'll find them here!

Share Within the Network Community 3 Ways

1.  Postings - post information or receive information on specific areas of interest

2.  Hangouts - join a hangout on an area of interest or help host a hangout on your area of expertise

3.  Team Directory - use the directory to contact teams for independent collaborations or questions

Fostering Peer to Peer Learning

Networked teams have the opportunity to learn, and a chance to facilitate learning for others through the use of Google Hangouts and a Google Community.  Hangouts may have specific topics or just be open for collaboration and discussion.  Any networked team is welcome to host or participate in the scheduled hangouts. In addition to meetings there are opportunities for teams to reach out to others to get or give individual assistance using the Team Directory. We welcome teams to further connect on their own schedules for team-to-team training, collaboration and socialization!   

How FTC TEC NETWORK is Different 

1) INTENT - we simply connect teams to teams, providing a resource of friendly interaction
2) SCOPE - networked teams have access to a Team Directory of friends - receive help or share knowledge

3) EXPERIENCE - we have hundreds of hours of documented ups and downs of holding hangouts with teams. We've learned what works and what doesn't and how teams like to interact!

4) COMMUNITY - all participating teams have created a sense of community through their involvement!  We're certain students will remember each other long after their FTC years - becoming lifelong friends. We don't have companies, experts and outside groups and individuals involved. This is purely a team to team Google Community!

How We Do It

We started with a detailed Operational Plan so we could stay on track with our efforts as we grow.  
We have admin teams to assist in coordinating connections within time zones and Continents.
Participating teams pitch in to connect to additional teams, answer questions and monitor hangouts.

Our Connection to FIRST®

We work in support of and in the spirit of FIRST®- For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology and FIRST® Tech Challenge as a proud 5th Season FTC Team.  We adhere to FIRST® Tech Challenge Core Values and assist teams so they can easily connect, communicate, collaborate - and succeed!  Our Network has no official affiliation with FIRST®.   Disclaimer

An Additional Resource  

Think of the Network as your resource for when you'd like to share information or when you need assistance in real time.  Postings typically get almost immediate responses and hangouts - although they are topic-driven, often lead to additional off-topic conversations that are just as important.   We hope the Network will give students more opportunities to establish lifelong friendships in the robotics community. There's no time obligation or commitment.       

Join the Network  - It's easy!

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Sep 3, 2014, 4:55 AM
FTCTEC Network,
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