Teacher Resources

"Try not to have a good time... this is supposed to be educational."   
                                                                         -Charles M. Schulz


Remind 101 is a great website/app that lets you push text messages out while keeping your private number private. It is easy to set up your account and easy for your parents or students to sign up for alerts. You can log-in to the website and send from your computer or download the app from the App Store or Google Play so you can send from your phone. 


Class DOJO is a great website/app that supports behavior management through the use of points. Students earn points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors. It is easy to use from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Students and parents can keep track throughout the day. It's fun and customizable to promote student engagement. 

Smore is a website you can use to design an interactive flyer, share it, and track views instantly. Flyers become more fun and useful with Smore. 

4 Teachers is a great website with many useful tools to use in your classroom. Create rubrics with RubiStar, design floor plans for your classroom with Classroom Architect, or create quizzes and track students with QuizStar. There are many other useful tools you can find at 4teachers.org. 

Spelling City is a website dedicated to spelling and vocabulary practice. There are many great features, including practice tests and games with the free subscription. Kids can practice on a computer or download the app to practice on a smartphone or tablet. Spelling City saves lists from year to year so there is no need to import lists every year. Your kids will improve and have fun when they practice with Spelling City.


Brain POP jr is a great website to use in your classroom. Access videos that engage your students while teaching content area concepts. Students can also play games through the GameUP portal. Whether using the website or downloading the App, kids will enjoy learning with Brain POP. 

IXL is agreat website to reinforce skills in Math and Language Arts. Practice makes perfect and IXL makes specific skill practice easy on their website. From Pre-K to high school level classes, kids can find repetitive examples of questions they are learning about in class, therefore reinforcing specific concepts with less paper and pencil tasks. 

Studyladder is a free website for Kindergarten through 6th grade teachers to use. The students can log-in for practice while teachers can utilize the printables or interactive whiteboard activities.