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“It is important to re
member that educational software, like textbooks, is only one tool in the learning process. Neither can be a substitute for well-trained teachers, leadership, and parental involvement.”  - Keith Krueger  

What Internet dangers face your teens?

Cyberbullying, phishing, viruses, hacking, questionable websites? In this Internet safety video, learn how to use browser controls and recognize the warning signs of cyberbullying. Protect your kids and teens by being educated.
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Internet Safety Tips for Teens and Parents

Cyberbullying is Real.

This animation shows what your child could be experiencing without you even knowing it.  Knowledge is power.  Show them this animation video...then talk to them about how to handle cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying: There is a way out.

Can you understand what your child is saying in their text messages and social media sites? 

Does the text exchange above remind you of a text between you and your child?  Texting and Sexting are ways to communicate using acronyms and abbreviations.  It can make it difficult to monitor what our children are saying to others. 

Ctrl-Click on the links below to explore a few  websites that may help you understand what it all means.

Books and Resources to help parents understand their "digital native" children

Our children are digital natives.  Technology has been a part of their entire lives.  Here are some books to help you understand and protect your digital native children.