Thank You For Serving!

The Lions are truly an incredible group of people. Not a day goes by when the work of Lions is not felt by someone in need. As Council Chair and Past District Governor, I have seen, first-hand, just how special Lions are in leading the way and making a difference!

Today, I am asking for your support in my campaign to be your next International Director. I am so excited by all that the Lions have accomplished and it would be my greatest honor to share your stories and successes with the rest of the world as a member of the International Board.

These success stories come not only from those we serve, but each of us that serve. Like so many of you, Lions has given me untold opportunities to serve and grow. It has also allowed me to combine my love of family and community service while utilizing all the knowledge I gained during my 30-year career in non-profit organization management. Now that I am retired, I can take my commitment to the next level and put all of my energy into making Lions around the world the best they can be.  

Serving at the International level is a team effort and I have a great team of Lions and family supporting me. Wisconsin's 19,633 Lions, along with Wisconsin's current and Past International Directors, Council of Governors and MD27-A1's Cabinet and Past District Governors Organization have endorsed my candidacy. On a personal level, Lion Clarence and I have been a team for 26 years, and we are excited about the potential to serve as Wisconsin’s next International Director team. 

Lions do amazing things and the world needs to hear about them. People don’t join organizations they don’t know about. That is why increasing the visibility of Lions projects has been a key focus for me. Help me spread the word and let’s put Lions in the spotlight.

I am proud to be a Lion and so thankful for all that Lions has given me. I humbly ask for your support as I seek a seat on the Lions International Board.

Keep leading the way and making a difference!

Lions Karla & Clarence