Files shared at recent presentations. Note not all files are shared due to copyright restrictions on files created by others; files posted here may vary from the presentation given due to adjustments made at the time of delivery. If you are looking for files from conferences not listed here, please contact me (

QSLMA Fall MIni-Conference, 2015 November 17
 Presentation file (includes attached sample files)
 .notebook file (25 MB)
 Fractions - Adding fractions less than one        
 .notebook file (327 kB)
 Fractions - Adding fractions less than one
 .notebook file (287 kB)
 Running on Empty (rounding whole numbers)
 .notebook file (407 kB)
 Kooshball Games and Templates
 Link - SMART Exchange

OAME Annual Conference, 2015 May 08
 Presentation file
 .notebook file (23.9 MB)
 Birthday Graph
 .notebook file (410 kB)
 Multiplying Integers            
 .notebook file (119 kB)
 Answer Reveals    
 .notebook file (764 kB)
 Fraction Fun
 .notebook file (996 kB)
 Graphing Gr 7
 .notebook file (85 kB)
 Introducing Percentage
 .notebook file (91 kB)
 Ratio .notebook file (346 kB)
 Thanksgiving Math Fun
 .notebook file (400kB)

QLSMA Fall Mini-Conference, 2014 September 27
 Presentation file
.notebook file (10.9 MB)
 Jump Along (Geometer's Sketchpad)
.gsp file (36 kB)
 The Quadrilateral Family (Geometer's Sketchpad).gsp file (39 kB)
 Fraction Foundations: Partitioning        
.notebook file (368kB)
 Comparing Fractions (The Comparalizer)
.notebook file (60 kB)
 Running on Empty    
.notebook file (407 kB)
 Adding Fractions Less than One (Rectangle Model)
.notebook file (327 kB)
 Studying Equality
.notebook file (2.0 MB)
 CLIPS website
 web link
 NLVM web link
 Sketchmad web link
 Learn Alberta
 web link
 GeoGebra Tube
 web link

AAESQ/QEBSA 2014 Spring Conference
 Presentation file
.notebook file (5.8 MB)

OAME Annual Conference, 2014 May 8
 Presentation file
 .notebook file (7.1 MB)

QSLMA Fall Mini-Conference, 2013 November 2
 Presentation file, with extra pages and annotations from conference .notebook file (5.3 MB)
 Bar Graph Stories, Winter edition .notebook file (212 kB)
 Repeating Patterns are Everywhere .notebook file (15.3 MB) 
 Harleywood Squares *
 .notebook file  (734 kB)
 Jeopardy (Template) *
 .notebook file (987 kB)
 Crazy Pet Shop .notebook file (596 kB)
 Kooshball Autumn Theme, K-2 Number .notebook file (14.9 MB)
 Kooshball Autumn Theme, Template .notebook file (2.6 MB)
 Area of a Parallelogram demo tool .gsp file (7 kB)
 Quadrilaterals demo tool(32 kB) .gsp file (32 kB)
 * Files by Harvey Almarode, Harvey's Home Page (see "Resources" page)

Files from conferences in previous years are available on request. I like to keep this page current with only the past 12-18 months' worth.