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eMail me at: bill@teachsmarter.ca
SMART Exemplary Educator since 2009
SMART Certified Lesson Developer
SMART Certified Trainer for version 14
SMART-Certified Education Professional
(January 2015)

Professional development sessions are tailored to your specific requirements. They can include, but are not limited to:
  • "SMART Board 101" - sessions for novice users (full or half day; the former has more hands-on)
  • "SMART Board 201" - sessions for experienced users
  • Content Creation Workshops - full day sessions made up of a little bit of presentation, followed by the bulk of the day creating learning object(s)/lesson(s) with me coaching as required; the day ends with sharing amongst the group as well as with the larger SMART community through the SMART Exchange
  • Subject-area-specific, or topic-specific workshops - for example, sessions for teachers of mathematics, sessions about using audio, training about Notebook-lesson design
  • Presentations on utilizing specific Google apps in a teaching-learning setting
  • I also have extensive experience with KCP Technologies' applications, Geometer's Sketchpad and Tinkerplots, and Microsoft Publisher: workshops in utilizing these within a K-8 mathematics program are available (you need licensed copies of the software)
Please contact with your specific requirements.
Daily rate plus travel expenses; daily rate subject to HST. Fees include followup support by email as required.