About TBL

Our research focus is to develop new optical technologies that address challenges in clinical medicine and basic biological research. The long term goal is to pursue implementation of research tools for in vivo translational studies, where functionalities such as real-time measurement, compactness and portability are essential.        



The development of efficient optical sensing and imaging system including miniaturized optical beam delivery such as endoscope, imaging needle, and handheld probe is the one of main activities. Our studies also involve various clinical trials with living animal models or human subjects.


Our research at UNIST is largely divided into three categories: (1) advanced probe-based 3D optical coherence tomography for fast screening and diagnosing diseases, and observing surgical area in operating room, (2) probe-based multimodal imaging for dynamic monitoring cell and tissues, such as wound healing process, and (3) probe-based laser stimulation and imaging for identifying functional connection of neural network in brain.