Workers Handcuffed

 We do not need any conspiracy theories to know Globalism and 
Free Trade Economics  has been driven by powerful forces outside 
the will of the people. It is obvious , workers would never vote  themselves 
out of a job or business.  

Free trade economics would have never passed if subject to a popular vote.

American Workers are Handcuffed.  Who has the Key ?

We must find ways to unlock the potential of  our American workforce. 50 percent of our human resources is not being used.  Our  unemployment  rate is fiction. We must find ways to make it easier to be good. We also need to find a way to stop living off the suffering of others  who make the things 

This editorial cartoon was first published in 1994. Not much as changed since then.

It still applies today.  The unemployment rate in America is fiction and the term underemployment isn't even being used today. The entry level jobs are now re-entry level jobs for middle age workers who lost their  better paying jobs and most likely will never find another one of equal value. A new working poor class has replaced the  industrial workers middle class. 

 Free trade economics has stolen these jobs away.  Since 1994, millions of workers have lost their jobs. More than  a million workers in the computer industry alone have lost their jobs, Thousands of computer businesses have closed down. Hundreds of major computer manufacturers did too. It all happen in an alarming short period of time. 

The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. The  trade deficit has broken records since 1994. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. Just think what all this money could have accomplished not only in America but across the world.   

The losses even add up higher with President Obama having to bail out the whole process in 2008 by borrowing from futuer generations and and some from the Chinese. The U.S. economy was ready to collapse.  However, President Obama only bailed out those on the top with the top now being on welfare too.  He ignored the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and the businesses that were  "too small to save."

Many in America have given up. 50 percent of all voters to not vote thinking 
it is a useless thing to do.