Why Trump

If not Trump, then who else is there.  Our country is running out of options.
                       Trump will restore old, effective ways                                                           From Cleveland Plain Dealers Letters to Editor - June 10, 2016
    Donald Trump hit all the hot buttons when he announced his candidacy, and I will never forget his first foreign affairs speech, when he said "We will never surrender to the false song of globalism." 

    Many, including the news channels, are still singing that false song. It is even a chant at The Plain Dealer, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, etc.

    The major event of our time is free-trade economics failing. President Barack Obama had to bail out the process by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future to save big-money interests that have been running the show for more than 30 years. He then put them back in charge.

     The bailout was a turning point. No one really knows how to handle it. We are setting sail in uncharted waters. What we had is gone. What we have is something strange.

     Trump wants to restore what was lost- the old business models that worked. He knows that you cannot do business with people who do not have money and that without borders you do not have a sovereign nation.
Ray Tapajna Cleveland 

For the sake of Trump and perhaps all of us , please allow me to over talk a bit. It is about why I keep asking - If not Trump then who else. He is a lonely voice from the economic jungle in our times. I have experienced more than most in the business world. My original intention was to be a teacher but I did not want to be one that just taught others how to be good teachers. I felt I had to do the walk before I talked. The walk took a life time. I dabbled in politics but never was able to handle all the contradictions. And indeed, politicians only know how to be good politicians. Very few are truly concerned  with the common good in society. They choose  or have to follow a course in between the truth and the real concerns of the people. It clogs up their minds and souls. 

I grew up in a family food store which was really a community of people. Many would come at certain times of day to meet with one another and not just shop.  The young were able to walk the streets everywhere and had their own community. They played sports this way too in the local park or a school yard. They communicated with each other with plain talk directly with one another. 

I worked in several factories while going to college and quickly found a vast void between the factory floors and the college classroom. It is behind my thoughts at http://tapsearch.com/communications-by-rank To this day, the greatest men I ever met in my life were the foremen who took the young off the streets and taught them a skill. In turn the young were able to get married, have children, buy a home and help send their children through college. If these jobs were still available today, there would be millions standing in line to get them. 

I became an Army Officer and was accused of consorting with enlisted men. I usually confronted other officers based on the Military Code of Justice which really has most everything you want to know about being a good solider. An officer actually takes an oath to save lives and not take them. If I was a young officer in our times, I would refuse to serve due to the unjust wars we have these days. I would take the consequences for my actions.

As far as the business day is concerned, I have too  many experiences to mention. It would take pages to tell you about them.  I was with Air France and received by orientation in Paris. I evolved into the computer industry after being in my own business serving the last family super markets in our city including the inner city.  I was part of every computer generation being with major computer manufacturers during a period where colleges had a difficult time keeping up with the technology. The computer manufacturers had to have their own schools and classes. I was part of many firsts and played a role in jumping starting the cat scan industry.  I also supplied China with components for starting their own computer industry. They were exports not imports.

However, it was very difficult in taking my days of worship into the rest of the work week. There were too  many moral contradictions. So I went on my own and for more than twenty five years I was a trouble shooter supplier and consultant to major corporations until free trade economics took over and smashed all of this into pieces. More than a million lost their jobs in the computer industry. Thousands of computer businesses closed down and hundreds of major computer manufacturers did too. My biggest business mistake was to defend the last PC computer made in the  USA to the end. My biggest business mistake was believing workers would not shop their way out of their jobs and businesses. They did and they still do.  Actually human nature is on trial and  independent  people like Trump will be the last players in this game of life.  What we had is gone. What we  have now is something that remains to be defined.  I rather  play out the game of life with someone like Trump than all who wear masks. Our politicians wear masks and if you take one off, all you do is find another. And they know very little about the real world. It takes a fair free enterprise system to make things work right. 

To me Trump represents someone who is more for the common good in society more than any other candidate  and he certainly knows what human nature is all about. Maybe, too much.  http://tapsearchnews.filetap.com http://tapsearchworld.webnode.com