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About Governor Nikki Haley's Response to President Obama State of the Union being off track ... Trump Talks Populist Real World Issues.

The real issue of our times is providing real jobs!

Kevin O'Brien's  article about  Governor Nikki Haley did not compute for me. I come from a different world.  It is time for real talk.  I come from the real world where economic day being turned  upside down.  I come from a place where more than a million workers lost their jobs in the computer industry with thousands of computer businesses and more than a hundred computer manufacturers closing their doors due to free trade economics. It happen in quick fashion in the 1990s.  I was  a trouble shooter supplier and consultant to major corporations for more than twenty five years when this economic storm devastated many.  In my case. more than a hundred clients and about 1000 top prospects quickly vanished in a short period of time. I watched as   business associates went  through the horror of losing everything they had. Some lost their health in the process and many disappear as if  they were old elephants trying to find to place to die.  Right to work types like Governor Nikki Haley  followed this economic terror with pushing for more of the same. It is more shameful than any of the  things she mentioned.

There should be a pause for all immigration until we   get our act together.  Trump talks about seeing many young men among the refugees  and it is obvious many want to come to America for economic reasons.

We have 92 million jobless.  Millions of illegal immigrants are here already.  It took Hurricane Katrina in  New Orleans to expose a vast underclass living in a silent depression and it is obvious this same scenario can be repeated across the our country. A vast production workers middle class has be smashed and the new working poor class is now finding it difficult to afford even the  cheaper imports. 50 percent of African American men can not find decent employment.

The stock market  is now  adjusting  to the parity of the value of workers and labor. The value of workers and labor is a real money standard in itself. It represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. The trade deficit which has broken records for a generation also represent trillions of even more dollars lost forever.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul is now coming to the end. No one seems to want to talk about this reality. Instead they repeat the same old things about this and that. Nothing much has changed while millions still suffering in a global economic arena.

The elder President Bush designed the NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. President Clinton followed and forced the passage of them. Then came the son of Bush who hid all our economic woes behind his preemptive shock and awe wars. President Obama was the next man up for the Globalist Free Trader society and bailed out the whole mess.  Now we have barbaric wars with barbaric acts around the world.  Even if you kill a hundred thousand terrorists, not much will change and their brothers and sisters take their place. History tells us, we will have to leave the Middle East just like all the others in history did.  There is no real way of winning. The first priority in going into the Middle East is having a good exit strategy. 

How can we talk about bringing in more immigrants when this is all happening.  Who in the world  would force Israel to make Jerusalem an open city to accommodate all the parties who have claim to Jerusalem including Muslims and Christian.  When this happens then we can start talking about diversity in our country. 

For now give me a Populist like Pat Buchanan who is an old fashion Republican who believes in the practice of balance of power instead of force. Give me the old generations who honored the South for trying to save states rights over federalism.  I do not really  know what Governor Haley is talking about.   I do know Trump hits all t he  hot buttons and in his own way is more for the common good for all in society than any other candidate. We are now in a back the future mode. The 2016 election is all about settling the 1996 election. It is about finally responding to the Battle In Seattle too.  http://tapsearchnews.filetap.com