Trump Walls - Pope Francis - Father Jonathan

We are living in strange and wonderful times. We have a presidential candidate who tells it like it is . In polling, about 70 percent of voters agree.  Then we have a pope who speaks extemporaneously too telling it like it is.  If polled, he may rank a bit higher than Donald Trump.

Pope Francis said a man who builds walls instead of bridges is not a Christian in reference to Trump's promise to build a wall on the Mexican border with the United States.  

Soon after the Pope said this, Father Jonathan Morris a priest in New York city  who lived for several years in Vatican CIty, said  he was "stunned to see a pope calling out a presidential candidate about his immigration policy."  Father Jon said "No matter how we parse his word, one phrase in particular, not the part about his immigration policy but when he said that if Donald Trump said these things, that that man is not a Christian, I think he made a mistake."   Morris added he isn't " used to saying that the Pope should apologize"  and although he isn't saying that, he does think that Pope Francis will either apologize or "clarify" his remarks.

Pope Francis did clarify his remarks the next day and Trump accepted favorably. 

We have two articles at this site about "borders" and why they are necessary. As Trump says, if you do not have borders , you do not have country. 

We need to stop living off the suffering of others who make the things we  use and consume not only our country but in the whole world. We need to make it easier to be good by increasing the value of workers and labor.  This is will not happen if we let the globalist free traders have their way.  He use free trade economics as a tool of globalization  and making one size fits all.  Free trade economics is the cause behind our economic and social crisis.  It has discounted the value of workers and labor with this degradation representing trillions of dollars lost forever. 

The globalist free traders move factories and production outside of the U.S. for the sake of cheaper labor costs and for more profits for the investment communities.  The U.S. trade deficit which has broken records for a generation also represent even more trillions of dollars lost forever.  The globalist free traders want fluid migration across borders where the blending of cultures and people is supposedly be something better than organized partitions.  Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical suggest the use of subsidiarity which means all decisions should be made a the lowest levels possible.   This is what real societies are all about. It is about the people deciding what is best for all in a given society. The epistles in the Bible tells many stories about St Paul and his visiting people in many different cities. One size did not fit all.   NOTE our article - The New World Of Disorder at this site.