Why not open borders

The need to get into the causes before the effects and Pope Francis  and Trump different views

What caused the millions of Mexican workers to come to the U.S. seeking economic survival and how free trade economics backfired .

As an advocate for workers dignity and the real free enterprise system, I explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. Biblically, historically and geopolitically, people divide into nations because they find it the best way to deal with problems people have.  
We also must deal with causes before we deal with effects. The U.S. Federal Government itself sponsored the moving of factories to Mexico starting in 1956.  This was supposed to be a temporary program but it never ended. The one of the first causes behind the effects was the moving of  factories across the border. This evolved into the Maquiladora factory program which used impoverished workers in Mexico to make the things we use and consume in America.  However the plan backfired. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and businesses.  Then this all evolved into what is called free trade. When Pres Clinton consummated the free trade programs designed by the elder Bush in 1993 -94, the number of factories moved to Mexico doubled to more than 4,000.  

Then in 1995, Pres Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to save the peso and the Mexican economy. The process had failed.  People in American were losing more jobs and businesses and Mexican workers flowed into American seeking economic survival. It was an economic collision.  Both sides took big hits with no way of resolving the problem.  America with 92 million people being jobless have to find a way to get along with millions of illegal immigrants foraging for jobs.  Obviously something has to change. The globalist free traders use free trade economics as tool for globalization and call for open borders no matter how many people suffer the consequences.  The Pope has a right to his opinion but he should be more informed about the causes before he talks about the effects.  We all need to stop living off the suffering of others and stop shopping our way out of our jobs. http://tapsearchnews.filetap.com