Pope Francis and Trump about borders

Jesus and the money changers related to free trade economics

The only time the Bible shows Jesus being angry is when he confronted the money changers in the temple. This indicates money changers do something significantly bad outside the temple too. Our economy is based on making money on money instead of making things. Powerful elite forces use free trade economics as a tool of globalization. The European Union calls for open borders and this has turned into a mess. People like Heidi Cruz wife of Ted Cruz promotes the North American Union based on this. We must deal with the cause before dealing with the effects. Free trade economics is the culprit.

Historically we had the Monroe Doctrine which was establish a partnership of all countries in our hemisphere which is a more natural way to evolve.

This is the way I responded to this issue.

I put this up on Trumps Facebook and a Catholic News Agency site:

In my advocacy for workers' dignity and the real free enterprise system, I explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. In his economic encyclical, Pope Benedict suggests the use of subsidiarity which means the making all decisions at the lowest level possible. It is a blessing to have him still in our lives based on doctrine as a priority. It is also a blessing to have a Pope like Pope Francis in our lives who vividly lives the social gospel. However, we suggest Pope Francis first consider the causes behind the effects. He should know our own U.S. Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. starting in 1956. It so happen it was the same year the Suez crisis exposed an international money crisis. It started a new way of fine tuning money values and evolved into the degradation of the value of workers and labor to grow value from money created out of nothing.

By 1992 more than 2,000 U.S. factories were moved to Mexico. When Pres Clinton consummated the elder President Bush free trade programs in 1993-94, the number of factories moved to Mexico quickly doubled to more than 4,000. The process failed. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and businesses because of it. In 1995, Pres. Clinton had to bail out the process. He had to rush billions of dollars to save the peso and the Mexican economy from going bankrupt. None of these actions stop the flow of Mexicans from coming to America seeking economic survival. However millions of Americans were suffering the same fate. The Mexican bail out predicted the coming of the massive bail out by Pres Obama in 2008. Trillions of dollars in value have been lost due to the degradation of the value of workers and labor in both countries and in the rest of the world with the U.S. trade deficit also representing even more trillions of dollars lost forever. Something has to be done to correct the process. The real Social Gospel is in the correction. Actually all immigration should be suspended until the U.S. gets its act together.

Just imagine what all this money could have accomplished not only for the U.S but the whole world. Instead of pointing to Trump, Pope Francis should have suggested going back to the Monroe Doctrine where all the countries in our hemisphere could be partners in a just and moral way. http://tapsearchnews.filetap.com

And see Free Trade Economics is a structural sin against all in society at http://ray-tapajna-tapsearcher.page.tl

Trump is more for the common good in all of society than any other presidential candidate.

Reference to Water Boarding

@james ford Your comment has value. As a supporter of Trump I take exception to his response about torture. Force and wars are always an admission that human reasoning has failed. The office of the presidency is separate from the person who is president. The office of the presidency must survive the test of history. There is always a line of command to heed when human reasoning breaks down. The actions should not be out in the open and subject to many check off points.

Pres Obama did say something a few days ago about this separation between office and the person but he too contradicted himself. I still can not get over his assassination of Bin Laden conducted directly from the White House. Moral relativism is everywhere in our present society unfortunately.