Mutterings of Economic Souls


The Mutterings of an Economic Soul Caught in a Global Economic Arena

If you are not part of any network, you do not exist. Only about 38 percent of all workers qualify for unemployment insurance. This means more than 60 percent are in economic limbo with many missing in action from any kind of reporting. 92 million Americans are jobless. 50 percent of young black men are unemployed. The official unemployment statistics are fiction.

It is a sad commentary about our times Our economy is like an orchestra without drum. It is about dysfunctional globalist free traders who are out of control.

The TV screen keeps telling you things that are not true. Everyone around  you seems to be underemployed and unemployed. The entry level  jobs are really re-entry jobs for many middle aged workers who once made a middle class living.

The family businesses that knitted neighborhoods together are extinct.  In the inner city it is like a stockade economy where with big box stores having several guards for the sake of security.  Around them are wastelands. Many main streets have miles of empty stores, empty building, empty homes. empty lots where homes once stood, empty factories  and large factory parking lots with tall weeds growing in the broken concrete or asphalt.

The dysfunction globalist free traders came and left burn out communities across our land. Free trade economics is the main cause behind our economic and social crisis and even causes wars. The TV commentators keep sorting out the effects of our problems but hide from the causes. Our nation is a giant train wreck in the making. We need to connect all the dots before it is too late. I have explored the lost worlds in the global economy for more than twenty years. Free trade economics has failed. In 2008, President Obama had to bail out the system by mortgaging the future. He then push for more of the same free trade economics with new trade deals which mortgage the future even more. In essence it puts tariffs on future generations to come. 

The internet has taken on its own life. It is accepted as a gateway for solving all problems. We are going to link the whole world together as one in mass communications. We are going to use it to fix schools, reinvent government and get rich in the process. Were supposedly going to do all this using computer devices that cost very little while getting massive returns in the process. How can anyone expect a 100 to 200 dollar computer can add that much value especially when it is made in faraway places by impoverished workers. 
No one talks about the internet actually has no real backup.  If it goes down even partially, all havoc will breaks out. Many necessary functions will come to a halt. And millions still are not connected. No one seems to know what to do with those who are not part of the network. They are "unnetted"  outside looking in at a computerized generation they do not understand.  It is communications by rank. 

There are many different networks working in many different ways. There is the stock market which is electronically bound. One day of breakdowns can be catastrophic.  The same applies to the food industry.  However, the pornographic industry has taken a great leap into the future. There are other networks no one wants to talk about. We have the drug trade network, sophisticated money laundering networks working through "legitimate" businesses and financial networks. There is also the underground economy which is most likely saving us from economic disaster. It is likely it can more easily survive outside the box if digital world goes haywire.

Free trade economics has created new processes. It is not trade. Free trade is more about divorcing investments from production and moving production anywhere in the world for the sake of more profits. We have money created out of nothing that grows value by manipulating the value of workers and labor. Our economies are based on making money on money instead of making things. And in the world of connectivity, there are different flows of information. The investment community being separated from production goes one way and production goes another way. The media has its own communication of events that do not match up with the real world of the streets. They report things that do not really happen in the real world of the streets. In government, education and the media, there is a 
plantation owner mentality. Elite groupings think they know what is best for those at the bottom including the wage slave workers of the world. 

TV alone can make or break someone in and instant mode. The trick is to get branded or hide from the public process. Those who are "too big to fail" are now  on welfare after being bailed out by the government. We have state capitalism where the free market is reserved for only a few. The same money people control the flow of wealth no matter who is president.

The global economy sponsors the disenfranchising of a large portion of people politically and impoverishing the same economically. It is obvious workers would never vote for free trade if it was subject to a popular vote. Who would vote for something that put them out of a job. Thankfully in recent times, the elite have been branded as the "establishment." Both major parties have been caught playing the same game of make believe in the betrayal of workers and the free enterprise system. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses. This brings a sort of new freedom because they have nothing left to losw. Those who are outside looking in have found a voice. It is a voice where protests help but are no longer necessary. It has become an automatic revolution in many forms. This is why Trump is so popular. Again, if you are not part of any network, you do not exist. Millions of Americans are in this category  The elite are finding the natives are getting restless. Millions are ready to take extreme measure to stop this economic insanity.

More than a million workers in the computer industry lost their jobs. Those over 40 most likely never found another job or a job anywhere the pay they once enjoyed. Too many also  find they can not grow new skills in an economy based on making money on money instead of making things. One day they have a certain skill and the next day that skill is outsourced to another country.

The former entry level jobs have now middle age people who keep trying to re-enter the work place. Many send their resumes out hiding all their old accomplishments because they brand them in negative ways as being too qualified for the job. There is no way to keep up the proper skills because the flow of jobs go very fast and there is really no way to plug
into the process. Workers can never negotiate their worth when employers shift from place to place, outsource or insource jobs. I knew a president of a company who closed down his company one day and became a leased employee the next day with all in the company now being leased including him.

The financial world has taken on a logic of their own where money is made or lost in a global casino. Now government stands ready to bail them out while ignoring the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and businesses. Eventually, someone has to pay the piper. The bails out and subsidies can not go on forever. The economic costs and the social cost leaves behind burn out towns, communities and cities. The waste land, the inner cities, the empty factories, empty stores, empty buildings, empty homes are hidden by lush streets of activity where alcohol flows making profits for restaurants where people go after sport events or after they come out from the gambling houses. All these entities are supported by taxpaper money.  In the background are empty corporate buildings are lit up like christmas trees to hide the decay. The businesses that are left employ only a few where a start up makes front page headlines when they hire just a few new workers. In most major cities
governments are the largest employers followed by educations systems and the medical industry. All are supported by taxes with fewer and fewer taxpayers to pay the toll.

And so the mutterings of economic souls lost in the the global economic arena continue.