Let Trump Remarks Mature

Let Trump's  remarks mature.
Many Trump supporters wish he had a better filter between his mile a minute brain and his mouth but when you let his remarks mature a bit, most all have real common sense endings.

Yes, a Muslim doctor did save my life and he is a wonderful man. However, history tells us over and over again to stay out of the Middle East. It is a no win situation. President Bush started a hundred years war when he went into Iraq and it has turned into barbaric wars as it has throughout history. History tells us the priority we must have an exit strategy before going into the Middle East. We still do not have one. History tells us we will be exiting the Middle East leaving things worst than then they were before the U.S. got involved. It will be the same as what the English went through there and much worst than even what happen to them in India.

Trump is an old fashion Republican who believes in the practice of balance of power before using force. He says this often. He was against invading the Middle East from the start and warned the world about the coming of the bombing of the Trade Center after it was first bombed in 1993.

Yes there is a profound difference in Middle East religions. It is based on the brotherhood of man governing all that happens in their society including politics. See Mohammed broke the mold at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mohammed-broke-mold-history-says-stay-out-middle-east-ray-tapajna  ( link is live in comments section below)

Common sense tells us that all immigration should be suspended for a time until the U.S. can get their act together about all the definitive things that divide us. Our generation is arrogant in thinking they can change everything in just a single generation.

Trump hit all the hot buttons. The election is not about him. His message is surrounded my the millions who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade economics. Actually in his own way, he is more for the common good in all of society than any other candidate. He is a lonely voice amid a crowd of globalist free traders who use free trade and wars for exclusive purposes. Besides, free trade economics has failed. What we had is gone. What we have now needs to be defined. There are too many dark detours in front of us. Click on Resources Links and Studies for more resources and references