If not Trump, then who?

Ray Tapajna, Advocate for workers dignity and real free enterprise since 1998

 QUORA  asks,   Does Trump really want to win?
Ray Tapajna answers......
In his announcement speech, he hit all the hot buttons in a dramatic extemporaneous way.  He told it like it is in the real world of the streets as people live out their lives. He describes things as if he is sitting across from you at your kitchen table.  He  is running against the establishment Republicans and Democrats at one time. In a very different  way, he is more for the common good of all in society than any other candidate.  Tapart News and Art that Talks  
Free trade economics remains the main issue of our times. It has destroyed our economic day and created a working poor class who now can not even afford to buy the cheaper imports. Free trade is not trade. It is an economic system that divides investments from production and moves factories anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor.  It manipulates and degrades the value of workers and labor for the sake of profit. It has failed. Pres Obama had to bail it out. This was a historical event that gets very little press. The bottom line is this. Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things has burn out.  Trump is the only one that is confronting the problem.  tapsearchnews
Ray Tapajna
Why would anyone not vote for him. Many of the greatest Conservatives have endorsed him including many international leaders ( Search under Wikipedia Trump Endorsements )

The globalist free traders came and betrayed workers and the American Dream. Pres Clinton pushed the passage of the NAFTA and GATT trade bills designed by the elder Pres Bush. The Contract with America Republics joined hands with them. This caused the most massive dislocation of jobs in US history with millions losing their jobs and businesses. In the computer industry alone, more than a million lost their jobs with thousands of computer companies forced out business in a short span of time. More than a hundred major computer manufacturers closed down to in quick fashion. Pres. Bush, the 2nd, came and hid our economic mess behind his “shock and awe” wars. Pres. Obama followed and had to bail out the whole process.

In many of our major cities, we have many main streets with miles of empty store fronts, empty factories, empty office buildings and empty homes. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans exposed a massive under class living in a silent depression. The same scenario is repeated across our land.

A new working poor class was created that needs government assistance to survive. The production workers middle class and in other workers like the computer industry, were decimated. The unemployment rate is pure fiction. We have at least 25 percent unemployment. About 50 percent of African Americans are unemployed. The same numbers relate to the Latino communities. After NAFTA came, millions of Mexican fled to America seeking economic survival, even though more than 4000 US factories had been moved to Mexico. Several Mexican bishops called free trade “cultural death.” In 1995, Pres Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. Free trade economics had failed. So, the first bail out of the process went to a foreign nation.

Then in 2008, Pres. Obama had to bail out the process by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future. However, he only bailed out the big money interests, the financial communities, wall street, banks, investment communities and the “too big to fail” corporations. He ignored the suffering of the millions who lost their jobs and businesses. In effect our nation was put on life support with our country on borrowed limited time.

Only about one third of all American workers qualify for unemployment insurance. This means more than 60 percent are living in some kind of economic limbo missing in action from any kind of real reporting. Many have to work two or three jobs to survive. A great percentage of children are “latchkey” children who grow up without their parents at home during most of the day. Our prison population is breaking records too.

92 million Americans are reported to be jobless! Not much is reported about who they are. The underground economy is growing. Probably it is helping save our country from a complete fall.

Why would anyone not vote for Trump. He hit all the hot buttons and most importantly, as he said in his first foreign affairs speech,…. We will never surrender to the false song of the globalism. Most of the establishment in both parties keep singing this song.

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From Cleveland Plain Dealers Letters to Editor... in response to headline page attacking Trump. (Below:)

By Other Voices 
on December 16, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Choose Trump over the status quo

The Plain Dealer makes the Washington Post attack of Trump a headline ("Trump raises the stakes for 2016," Dec. 9). Here are some real headlines:

1. The Bush wars and Obama secret wars caused the current barbaric terrorism.

2. In the 1990s, between the 2 Bush wars, President Clinton consistently bombed Iraq, killing many innocent people. Clinton also went into the Balkans to stop ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Serbs and Roma Gypsies fled for their lives. He invited the "Islamic Freedom Fighters" to help him. Most of the 9/11 terrorists came from this group. Most were Saudi Arabians.

3. After the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, Trump told about the
possibility of it happening again and was strongly against the invasions of Iraq.

4. MSNBC commentators question Trump in an inquisition fashion. *

5. Wars are usually about money and power. Religion and cultural differences are used only to add fuel to the fire.

Americans have a choice. The establishment rules with a plantation owner
mentality. It is either Trump or the establishment. Free trade economics remains
the main cause behind it all, including our immigration problems.

Ray Tapajna,


(4. I was actually referring to  Trump on the early MSNBC daily programs where up to five reporters bombard Trump at one time with questions that obviously used to prompt Trump into saying the wrong thing.  It was like an inquisition. )