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Free trade is a structural sin against all in society 

Cleveland Plain Dealer letter

The Republicans' free-trade chorus ....

The Plain Dealer tells about the Republican presidential candidates but still leaves out the issue of free trade economics. Rubio, Cruz, Walker, Kasich, Christie and the other "establishment Republican candidates join hands together and sing their song of homage to free trade."

They sing free trade economics is good for you, like it or not. The present free trader Democrat president listens off stage with that sly smile on his face.

Donald Trump trumps them all singing -  By the way, it isn't so.

Ben Carson is waiting in the wings ready to challenge them all with a brilliant song. And Rand Paul is still backstage trying to find a way to get his message out to the world.

I am in the background chanting - Free trade economics is a structural sin against all in society. And add, "Do you feel like a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life." (  )

Ray Tapajna, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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A history of free trade failures

The Cross 911 Tangle of Terror - Who can untangle
the terror free trade and globalization have bred


If you feel like an economic gladiator in a  global economy arena trying to find a way out, follow our journey as an advocate for workers dignity, local economies and the real free enterprise system, online since 1998.
Free trade economics has failed. Pres. Obama  had to bail out the process in 2008 by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future.

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Free trade an economic cancer spreading globally: Letter to the Editor

Other VoicesBy Other Voices 
on May 27, 2015 at 11:01 AM

The term free trade is a misnomer. It is not trade. It is an economic process that divides investments from production and moves production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and more profits. It also frees investment from the responsibility for workers' dignity.

1. It degrades the value of workers and labor, with this loss of value representing trillions of dollars lost forever and the buying power of many.

2. Furthermore, the trade deficit which has broken records for more than 20 years represents additional trillions of dollars lost forever.

3. In 2008, President Obama had to bail out the process by borrowing trillions of dollars from future generations. However the bailout from the top trickled and  petered out about halfway down. He ignored the suffering of the millions who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade economics.

Free trade is an economic cancer that is spreading across the world. Free trade is a sin against the social gospel violating workers who have a right to a just wage for the fruits of their labor. Free trade secludes the free market for only a few to enjoy. Governments staffed by big money interests rule the process. There is no popular vote allowed.

Ray Tapajna,



The Trade Deficit has broken records since 1994 and represents trillions of dollars of value lost forever. President Obama bailed out big money, Wall Street and banks but ignored the suffering of workers who have lost everything due to free trade economics.

The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of even more dollars lost forever. This value is a real money standard too. It is a better money standard than all the money created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve and other international money standards. There is no value to start with. It needs to be manipulated and fined tune to add value. One of the values being manipulated is the value of workers and labor. Free trade is not trade.  It is an economic system that divides investments from production and moving production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and more profits for the investment community. 

In order for any economy to work right there must be a parity between the value of workers and labor and the money values.  This is why free trade economics has failed. President Obama had to bail out the  process in 2008 by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future. However, he only bailed out big money interests, the financial communities, banks, Wall Street and the "too big to fail" corporations. This made the process a ponzi scheme and all who took the money now are also a ponzi scheme.  He ignored the value of workers and labor being degraded and deflated and destroyed the possibilities of having parity between investments and production. 

The betrayal of workers and the American Dream
The first letter in 1994 which triggered by advocacy for workers dignity and real free enterprise...........

Newt Gingrich's Contract with America ignored
free trade issue and betrayal of workers - Click [ art by J.Suits, 12/11/94 ]
FROM THE DIVINE TO THE DEFICIT__ Published in 1994 __Predicted the Economic Crisis that Occupys All Streets in 2012  - This letter launched my advocacy for workers dignity......
Can  Gingrich and the Republicans keep their promises- and should they?
By Ray Tapajna, Cleve Plain Dealer 12/11/94
  As a Conservative, I apologize to the American worker (for Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh (Limbaugh was instrumental in the elections of the new Contract with America Republicans.) Soon they will be promising a chicken for every pot and telling us to be happy. Maybe Gingrich will add it to the "contract".
 What they don't understand is that many of us came out of the woodwork (to vote) because the option of being "Clintonized" was too much to handle. We were against the new GATT because we were against the old GATT that exported our jobs and industries. Anyone who has dealth with this end of things knows that our American idea if fair play doesn't happen in many foreign countries.Anyone who has been on either side of a strike line knows nothing gets resolved by moving the jobs outside the USA. It seem both Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh have a problem in defining what human dignity is all about
  Those who feel Limbaugh betrayed them by hiding  his real feelings about the GATT trade agreement until after the election should drop a note to  his sponsors and the radiio station to tell them to boycott  their products.  Then we conservatives would like to reach out to the workers of America and offer an alliance of solidarity until this terrible "Big Money" thing stops stealing the Ameriacn Dream from us. In the meantime, the Republicans can stuff their 'Contract with America'. GATT should have been part of it.
(President Clinton and a Democrat controlled Congress passed both NAFTA and GATT. GATT was passed in a Lameduck session even though the Republicans had won the House- Clinton joined hands with Dole and Gingrich Republicans in betraying the American workers.-- President Bush followed in 2000 and passed Fast Track which in effect made the Executive Branch of the US , the new CEO of the world economy .-- This  had no basis in our Constitution or history. President Obama picks up where the others left off and bails out big money and puts them back in charge of the process ) See  

Free Trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. It is more about moving factories from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor. The U.S. Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. starting in 1956. It was supposed to be a temporary program to test the possibilities of finding cheaper labor in other countries and provide lower consumer costs for Americans. It never ended with practically all presidents since 1956 participating in the process. During the first few years only a few hundred factories were moved to Mexico. This evolved into the Maquiladora Factory Program where U.S. manufacturers could move their factories to Mexico and get workers for about a one dollar an hour. Some even closed down their production completely and contracted Mexican companies who took over all the production at a fraction of the cost of doing it in the U.S.  Also many corporations were able to bypass the more stringent environmental regulations in the U.S. by doing it this way.  After a few years, medical problems and abnormal births grew in the region on both sides of the border.

By 1992, prior to the passing of the NAFTA and GATT, trade agreements, more than 2,000 factories were moved to Mexico.  President Clinton then pushed the passage of the trade agreements which were designed by President Bush l. Soon after the number of factories moved to Mexico doubled to more than 4,000.  This did not stop the tide of Mexican workers from flocking to America seeking economic survival. Soon after getting the trade agreements approved, President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. The Maquiladora factory program proved to be a failure and subsequently, NAFTA was a failure from the start.  President Clinton ended up bailing out a foreign country. It should have been a sign of the things to come but most of our political leaders backed free trade no matter what. The trade deficit has broken records every year since then and represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. If the Gross National Product economic measurement was still used instead of the Gross Domestic Product, it would have to include the trade deficit in its reporting.  However, the Gross Domestic Product method has taken over and hides this negative in our economy.  In the end Americans have been betrayed by their own government. Governments now act as brokers and dealers in the global transactions outside the will of the people with workers having no voice in the process. Free trade remains the major cause behind our economic crisis.

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Free trade remains the major cause behind our economic crisis. The degadation and deflated value of workers and labor and the trade deficit represent trillions of dollars lost in value forever too. Just imagine what we could have done with this money in our country and around the world instead of using destitute workers to make the things we use. We could have had something like the Marshall Plan for all in the world to duplicate our success instead of exporting our industrial might  to far away places around the world.

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The American Dream Is Burning

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Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things  are burning out.  Our American Dream is Burning artwork was first published more than ten years ago in a top newspaper magazine with the story titled Power to the People. It still applies today.  Free trade remains the major cause of our economic crisis and and the downfall of the American Dream. Our own federal government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the USA starting in 1956.  This 'temporary' program never ended with virtually all U.S. presidents since then supporting this process.
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Free Trade now has more than 20 year history of failures.  The economic crisis was predicted by Manuel Castells as the Bewildered New World more than 15 years ago.
1995- The first stimulus package went to a foreign nation - Mexico.  NAFTA was a failure before it ever got its name. It took over the Maquiladora factory programs that never worked. President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save their economy and the peso which was affecting the value of money around the world.

Globalist Free Traders say the Great Depression was caused by protectionism. We ask where when and how did this protectionism cause it after the stock market crashed in 1929. I found no evidence of protectionism with President Roosevelt having the power to lower or raise tariffs at will.  However the money crisis caused by the stock market crash limited world trade because there was no money for transactions. Seeing this Roosevelt enacted the Lend Lease program that triggered U.S. industrial might. Later World War 2 was won by the awesome U.S. industrial power - the greatest the world had ever seen.  Then the free traders came and chopped it up into pieces and sent the parts around the world for the sake of the money changers who wanted to create money products. The value of workers and labor was deflated. This value was the only real tangible value left in the world with paper money needing to be manipulated in many forms for it to grow values.  And now, our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. Are you one of  the dysfunctional economist who supported the greatest scam of the century. Read on and see what it is like living in the economic trenches in the global economic arena.
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No one wants protectionism. Everyone wants real world trade and not so called free trade based on moving factories from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. Join our journey in the global economic arena through all the pages on this site and all thousands of other resources, we now have on the worldwide web - Keeping history straight for future generations who will ask why we let this happen. Let all know that it was our Federal Government who sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. starting in 1956.  It was a temporary program that never ended with practically every president since then participating in the process.  At first only a few factories were moved. In the 1970s,  more than a hundred were moved.  Then the Maquilador Factory program came and the rate increased dramatically.  By 1992, more than 2,000 U.S. factories had been moved to Mexico alone.  When President Clinton consummated the free trade programs of the Pres. Bush 1 in 1994, the number of factories moved to Mexico rapidly doubled to more than 4,000.  This did not stop the massive migration of Mexican workers to America seeking economic survival. Soon after getting the NAFTA and GATT trade agreements passed in 1993/94, Pres. Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy.  He also sent an unknown amount from the World Bank.  So, the first stimulus bail out package went to a foreign nation and foretold the coming of our own U.S. economic crisis.

Federal Reserve Chairman told Congress the best to stimulate our economy was to buy "domestically produced goods."  However with all the factories outside of the USA, this was no longer possible and all the extra stimulus money spent at the retail level, quickly went to the places where the goods were made or grown.  The money did not stay here.  It stimulated other economies in the world instead.

Now our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out as we wait for the  next economic bubble to burst.



American Dream is Burning - Our economy based on
making money on money instead of making things is burning out

The U.S. has gone through the most massive dislocation of jobs in history.  President Clinton , President Bush and President Obama all acted as one in the great betrayal of American workers.

The money changers  ignored the fact the value of workers and labor acted as  a money standard. This value was radically deflated and impacted the values of all the money products. See Globalization of Money came first at   After more than 15 years into his advocacy for workers dignity and fair trade ( real world trade),  Ray now writes about his own journey in the global economic arena at  and  noting that workers have no voice in the process of free trade and globalization.

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We also dedicate this site to Padre Alberto Hurtado. He was one the first Saints to be canonized by Pope Benedict. Padre Alberto Hurtado led the way for workers dignity in Chile fifty years ago.  His influence is now global.  He became a Saint faster than any Jesuit in history. ( His inspiration was Jacque Maritain, the great Philosopher of our times, who wrote about community and human dignity in the work day.


THE SELL OUT OF  AMERICA! 50% of U.S. Human Resources are not being used ! ( Getting America Working Survey )



 Oct. 2002- The Bureau of Labor Statistics finally confirmed that at least 4 million workers are missing in action having given up looking for work. (It is actually much higher than this - here is how the BLS obtains its unemployment information.)

...The U.S. Labor Dept. actually has 6 different categories used to report the unemployment rate. The media only gives the one that shows the lowest rate.  It they reported the U-6 series, it would show an over 10% unemployment rate. U-6 includes discouraged job seekers, marginally attached workers and forced part-timers. Overall, it is impossible to compare the unemployment rate with the past since primarily only full time jobs with benefits were reported in the past. Part-time work was usuallly a separate category. Today, even a person making only a $100 a month is considered employed.  Also the unemployment rate was formerly based on unemployment insurance but now since only 40% of all workers nationally qualify for unemployment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics changed their methods  and poll about 50,000 households a month to get their results.  So when a political leader  states that we have the lowest unemployment rate in 20 to 30 years, this is not true since the methods are completely different.

When a BSL poll taker calls a household , they ask the person anserwing the phone if they were looking for a job in the previous month. If they say no, they are considered employed. If a person says they are helping out in the family business or on a family farm without pay while seeking a job, they are considered employed. If they say they are a consultant or have a side business while seeking a job, they are considered employed. (In high tech, many of the unemloyed call themselves consultants until they find a job.)

In addition, temporary jobs, day labor, contract, leased, part time etc are all considered jobs these days even if the person is hardly making any income. 60% of all workers do not work long enough or make enough money in any given period to qualify for unemployment insurance. For this reason, the Bureau of Labor Satistics said they had to find a new way to count the unemployment rate and could not depend on the unemployment insurance offices for their reporting. Get America Working Forum says that 50% of U.S. human resources are not being used.
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