Economist Free Trade is not Trade

Economist Com misses many parts of the story about  Free Trade

1. The U.S. Federal Government itself sponsored the moving of factories to Mexico starting in 1956. It was supposed to be a temporary program to test the possibilities of rebuilding Mexico while at the same time give American consumers cheaper goods. In the same year there was a international money crisis which was exposed by the Suez Canal crisis. Nations sought out ways to globalized money itself.

2. The program never ended. It evolved into the Maquiladora factory program which used impoverished workers to make the things Americans use and consume. At first only a few factories were moved. Then the number grew larger. By 1992, prior to NAFTA, about 2,000 U.S. Factories were moved to the Mexico but the process was beginning to backfire in both countries. 

3. In the U.S. many were losing their jobs and businesses. The value of workers and labor kept being degraded and deflated. This prompted the program to escalate since a working poor class was being created in the U.S. that needed cheaper and cheaper goods to economically survived.

4. Then Pres Clinton pushed the passage of NAFTA and GATT free trade programs designed by the elder Pres Bush. They co-op the plan. The Contract with American Republicans joined hands with Pres Clinton.
5. After NAFTA was passed in 1993, the number of factories moved to Mexico quickly to more than 4,000.  Auto manufacturers were able to build new plants there with no need for employee parking lots. On the other side of things, the super U.S. Agricultural Corporations subsidized by the U.S.Government farm aid programs that were meant to be for small farmers caused the subsistent living farmers in Mexico to quit and the many family eateries in small towns in Mexico could not compete either. The revolution came and many Mexicans were killed. There were Americans advocates driving trucks full of food and goods to those in Mexico who lost everything.

6. Then in 1995, the whole process was failing and Pres. Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy itself. Reportedly the bail out was planned in 1993 even before NAFTA was passed. So the first bail out went to a foreign company. The U.S. congress would not approve more than 20 billion dollars. So, Pres Clinton went to the international money fund and other international money sources which for the most part were controlled by the U.S. for 30 billion more dollars.
7. Obviously, none of any of this stop the Mexican workers from coming to America seeking economic survival. Free trade economics had failed.

8. The bail out of Mexico proved to be a prediction of things to come. In 2008, free trade economics failed in the U.S. Pres Obama with the help of Sen. MCCain put together a bail out package. Pres Obama raised the bail out money by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future. However, he only bailed out 
the big money interests, the investment and financial communities, the stock
market and the "too big to fail" corporations. In effect free trade economics became a ponzi scheme and in a domino fashion so did the stock market too. Both conservatives and liberals took the money and ran. We now have the top on welfare and the only difference from those on welfare on the bottom the top did not have to stand in line to get the welfare check. They got it automatically. In the bail out, Pres Obama and Congress ignored the suffering of the millions who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade economics. The trade deficit and the degradation of the value of workers and labor represent trillions of dollars in value lost forever. Just think what all of this money could have accomplished not only in our country but in the rest of the world and perhaps there would be no reason for all the wars that followed. 

Trump comes and says he can restore some of these lost values. Why would anyone not want to let him try. 

Karl Marx said he liked free trade. He said the elite Capitalists would force it upon workers for the sake of a one world government until the masses revolt. Then he said the Marxists ( Communists ) would welcome the masses and the Marxists would take over the world.  

The first question to ask any leader or anyone as a matter of fact is Who said we had to compete like this with one another for the same jobs in a global economic arena like gladiators. Why would anyone want something like this.  

How can anyone prove any differently that free trade economics is a economic disease and as President FD Roosevelt said, economic diseases are highly communicable.