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The American Dream is Burning Away.  Our economies based on making money on money  instead of making things has failed. 

Do you feel like a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life?
The major question of our times is left out of most debates.
Who said we had to compete like this with one another for the same jobs in a global economic arena?   ( Forward question to all responsible for this economic nightmare. )                                                              

Our news outlets and most of our leaders promote a bias about free trade and protectionism. It never happened the way they tell it. They are single minded in their efforts in promoting free trade and using it as a tool for globalization. This bias is wide spread. It ignores the real world of the streets as people live out their lives in a new kind of human bondage.  A new working poor class  has been created.  And event like Hurricane Katrina exposed a massive underclass in New Orleans living in a silent depression. The same scenario exists in most of our major cities.  The homeless situation is taken for granted.  They  sleep on major downtown streets.  There are miles of major streets with empty stores, empty factories and empty homes.  The American Dream has become a nightmare for many. 
The production worker middle class is virtually extinct now.  92 million Americans are jobless. Millions are missing in action with many giving up trying to find a job.  Reportedly, 50 percent of all human resources in the U.S. is not be used.  Free trade also has deflated the value of workers and labor which translate into trillions of dollars in value lost forever.  And you can not recycle any economy by moving many parts of it to other places in the world. 

Many similar comparisons can be made between the Great Depression and our times. You can not do business with people who do not have money.  You first have to find a way to have sufficient funds for all in a society to participate in the process.  When ten percent of a population controls 100 percent of the flow of wealth, not much good can  happen.  

In major debates, free trade economics is not even part of them. What is called free trade is not trade. The U.S. Federal Government itself sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. starting in 1956.  How can free trade be free if governments act as brokers and dealers in a global economic arena playing a giant monopoly game with funny money created out of nothing. To grow value, many manipulations have to take place including the manipulation of the value of workers and labor for the sake of profits for a few.  The free market is isolated for only a few to enjoy.  Free trade economics evolved  into the maquiladora factories in Mexico where impoverished workers were used to make the things we use and consume.  How can anything good come from this.  Every purchase leads back to our own front door. What we sow, we reap.  My biggest mistake was believing the American people would not shop their way out of their jobs. They continue to do it now.  They vote in the check out line for what kind of society they want to live in more than they do in the voting booth. 

The Great Depression actually started in the early 1920s. Farming was still a major part of our economy and farm mortgage indebtedness increased immensely from 1920 to 1930.  Farmers were going broke at a record pace. However, the stock market speculation was creating vast amounts of money values and the farming depression was sidelined.  Farmers were crying out for duties on imported foods but were ignored.  Certainly, protectionism was not at play. It was anything goes proposition with speculation leading the way.

In 1929, the stock market crashed. The money value of our economy was virtually gone. Factory production was immediately hit during the time when trade was not even considered a priority.  The whole world was in a state of depression too. Money became a very scarce commodity. There was very little left for any kind of trade. Consequently, supply exceeded demand for most goods.

By Nov13, 1929, $30,000,000,000 was lost due to the stock market crash. In a single week, brokers loans fell from $8,500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000.  In today's terms these numbers would have to be multiplied by at least 15 times. I do not even have a calculator that can deal with that many digits. Like now, the Great Depression was primarily about a money crisis.  Tariffs and protectionism were mute issues. In the case of farmers, trade was their worst enemies.  A nation without a good farming economy, has a very difficult time finding something else to fill the void.  In other sectors, overproduction exceeded demand.  The lack of a customer base caused the depression not protectionism.  

The Smooth-Hawley trade act was  passed in 1930. It really never went into action since world trade was at a standstill. Free traders shoe a decline in trade after its passage but this decline came would have come no matter what. Money had become a rare commodity. Countries had run out of money. The money was not there to support any kind of trade.  Towards the end of the 1930s, President Roosevelt said he was not going to let the lack of dollars stand in  his way. He instituted the Lend Lease program that allowed exports - not imports- to be shipped without worrying about payment upfront. This triggered production. Then when World War 2, came the program expanded immensely.  The U.S. send products and food to our allies.  Actually, it was our awesome industrial might and farming industry that won the war.  

Then the globalist free traders came and shredded it into pieces.  Free trade economics was a failure from the start. It is about deflating one of the most valuable assets we have- the value of labor and workers.  Then in 2008, President Obama had to bail out the process by borrowing trillion of dollars from the future.  In essence he put tariffs on future generations of workers while  he ignored the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and businesses.  He bailed out big money from the top down and the "too big to fail" corporations.  Again there is nothing left in the till.  It is even worst than the depression. 

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