Designer Wars Haunts US

I am from the Korean War era and served after the war as an Army Officer.  In World War 2, I knew a young man who graduated from high school in June and was dead in Normany in September.  I had someone in our family who was a Marine Ranger in World War 2 and made it back alive but really never made it back. I listened to many stories told by a group of veterans who I knew before they went to war. They were not the same young men that went to war. There was a certain common characteristic they had. It is difficult to explain except the fact a part of them was dead inside them. In the army, the soldiers in my platoon were primarily from the stockades. They were veterans of the Korean war.  It would take a day or two to tell all their stories. Needless to say, I was a renogade officer under the circumstances.  I threw the IVY league officer types out of my room who came to challenge me as an officer who consorted with enlisted men. I  held these troops in high regard. Many should not have been on active duty. They were wounded in mind, body and soul. I did all I could to make things a bit better for them.  
There was a brief time after World War 2, when many of us believed that after the Atomic bomb was dropped, at least there would never again be a limited war.  We thought nations would settle their differences before allowing Atomic warfare. Obviously, since then we have been involved in more limited wars than ever with none of them ever being won or over. They just go on and on.  It is difficult to pick out  the culprits. There are elite powers that run the show and make money off the suffering of millions.  How else can it be explained except for the fact there is money to made. All wars are about money with power following the money.  
Eisenhower was completely on target when he talked about the military industrial complex. We failed to listen to his words.  In the 1956 Suez Crisis all hell was about to blow up. The crisis exposed an international money crisis  which was on the verge of exploding all the financial markets of the c world. However, Eisenhower did not resort to war. This was the period when our economies based on making money on money instead of making things was initiated.  Our own Federal Government sponsored the moving of factories outside of the U.S. in the very same year. A new monster was created. The U.S. came out of World War 2 as the most awesome industrial might the world has ever known. The the Money on Money Globalist Free Traders came and shredded it into pieces.  Many years later, we in effect lost World War 2.  All those lives were wasted.  The New World Order types took over using free trade economics as a tool to globalize the world. Money and power was the prize at the expense of living off the suffering of millions who make the things we use and consume.
The Middle East became their base of operations. Nixon opened up 
and never talk about the causes. In the Middle East there always some third party outsider promoting one side against the other. The elder Bush created both Saddam Hussein aLet's face it, we create our own monsters. Then we treat the effects nd Bin Laden.  He set up Saddam for the Iraq war with Iran and Bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afhanganistan and no one really knows why he did this. Nor, does the public know much about his special relationship with the Saudi Arabians. There always seem to be designer wars when it comes to The Bush family and the Clintons.  It seems like they want to break through some historical blocks that few in history wanted to even touch.  History tells us to stay out of the Middle East since the Crusades.  It says the same about the Balkans and Yugoslavia after the League of Nations set up artificial borders that were doomed to failure. 
Bush the first was a major player in the Irag Iran war. Congressman  Henry Gonzalez gave testimony and inserted a lot of information about Bush's part where BNL banking money funded Iraq military build up. The Iraq military used U.S. equipment while Iran was shut off from suppliers.  Chemicals flowed into both nations however. The war lasted 8 years with more than a million people killed. Indescriminate ballistic missels were used which killed innocent people. Billions of dollars were spent in supporting this war. 
In our city, we had a Irag munition related factory that was suddenly closed down just before the Desert Storm war. 
Then came the Iraq invasion of Kuwait.  Many reports said Saddam felt he had the permission of the U.S. to go into Kuwait or at least and acknowlegement that   Iraq had a historical right to the Kuwait terroritory. 
However, Bush sent in our troops to alter the events. Americans watch on TV while hundreds of Iraq families fled back to Iraq on the highways and were slaugthered.  Hundreds if not thousands of Iraq soldiers were buried in the sand by earth moving equipment with many still alive. Men of all ranks up to general testified about this massacre but nothing much was reported about it in the American press. The Catholic Workers news paper reported about it but that was about it. 
So how can we expect anything good to come from all this. About one in every seven Iraq families, lost some one loved one due to this war. This is not a good way to make friends in the Middle East. On our side of things, about 250,000 returning American soldiers and their families suffered strange maladies called The Gulf War Syndrome.  This too was swept under the rug after Bush the 2nd  started his "shock and awe" preemptive war with Iraq although Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attack. The 911 terrorists were mostly Saudi Arabians with most of them coming from the "Islamic Freedom Fighters" who Clinton invited to help him fight in Bosnia. This finally is making news in America. They chopped off Serbian heads just like the ISIS do now. Clinton went into the Balkans to stop ethnic cleansing by using the very same methods to stop it. 750,000 Serbians and Roma Gypsies had to flee for their lives. They fled to Kosovo where Clinton bombed them. 
This the what the designer wars by the Globalist Free Traders  are all about. And no one  asks why with the Middle East remaining a blood bath.  China. The grand betrayal followed.  ( To be continued )